Friday, March 6, 2009

Conversations with Josh

Brooke and I went on a shopping trip. We were not home in time for dinner, and stopped to get fast-food at this awesome place, which is my downfall:

She didn't finish her chicken strips, and had put them in the fridge, saying "Rainia can have those for her after school snack tomorrow." So tomorrow came, and was actually yesterday. Is that confusing? Anyway, I pick up elementary school first, which is Rainia, Jake and Josh.

Rainia: What can I eat when I get home?

The girl has an obsession with food. she cannot get enough. I think that because of her extremely hyper-nature, and metabolism, she really is always hungry. She burns it as soon as she eats it.

Me: Actually, Brooke saved her dinner from last night for you. Wasn't that nice?

Rainia: Yay! What is it?

Me: Chicken strips.

Josh: But I wuv chicken stwips too. Did she give me some?

Me: Sorry bud. You're going to have to eat normal snack.

Josh: Why did she give it to Wainia?

Rainia: Everyone knows I am the eater in this family.

Josh: (Is very upset, his face turns red, and he yells) "You awe NOT my leader!"

And on the same trip, the highlight of my day:

They are having a book fair. We always buy books at the school book fairs, and they sent home a catalogue for the kids to look through.

Rainia: Look at the book I want Mommy.

(Rainia's other obsession)

Josh: And wook at the book I want Mommy, Andwew weads these books.

Josh: It's called Diawea of a Wimpy Kid. It's about a kid that poops all the time!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Rainia's 15 minutes

Oh. My. God. I just saw my daughter on E!news. I have to find it on the internet. The Jonas Brothers Theater Invasion. Wow.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

I won the coolest mom of the year award

Now I really AM mother of the year. Well, at least according to Rainia. This is us yesterday:

Yeah, right there on the right hand side, Rainia and Jazmynn (her best friend), Sajar (Jazzy's step-mom), and myself.

And this is why:

And this picture is the one they actually used on the front page of The Charlotte Observer:

In this picture, we are closer to the left hand side, you can see Rainia's little head kind of poking out.

Yes, The Jonas Brother's made a secret trip to Charlotte, and we were there. They actually went into the 3:00 showing of their 3-D movie, and we went to the 1:00 showing. They were only in the theater for a minute though, and when they came out, they were mobbed by screaming, crying girls. Rainia was one of them. She cried. A lot. Here she was, less than 7 feet from the boys who's posters adorn her walls. This was a HUGE deal. And I have to say it was a complete stroke of good luck, as the movie wasn't playing in little town. It was playing in a bunch of theaters in Charlotte, and we happened to be at the right one, at the right time. So now Rainia's little life is complete!

eta: All photos courtesy of The Charlotte Observer