Thursday, May 29, 2008

Missing links

Written 4/19/08

Kyley and Andrew will be coming home tonight! We miss them terribly, and are very excited to hear all about their trip.

Photographer= Rainia Underhill

Talented Mechanic

Written 4/16/08

Well people, Kyley and Andrew are gone on their Outerbanks field-trip. Rick and I were up until 2:00 am last night, and finished everything this morning to get them ready for a four-day-trip. Why were we up until 2:00am and still didn’t finish? Because we have only known about this trip for EIGHT MONTHS. That’s why.

Rick wanted me to report on his job. As you may know, he owns a used car-lot. Because Rick has a full-time mechanic at the shop, when he sells the car, he explains to the customer that if the car breaks-down, he will fix it for a much lower rate than a garage. This keeps the customer happy, which in turn, brings him more customers through word of mouth advertising. Happy customers = More customers. So now for the story:

He had a customer coming in every-other week to make her payment. Every time she came, she was in the passenger seat of someone else’s car. He assumed that her son was using the car that she bought from Rick. After approximately 3 months of this, when she came in to make her payment, she said that the car had been broken-down for a few months, and she thought that she had saved enough money to get it fixed. Rick was shocked, and explained that he wished she would have told him, as he could have fixed her car and worked out a financial arrangement with her. He towed her car back to the shop that same day to fix it. She was quite surprised when he called her within 15 min. to tell her that her car was fixed, and it wasn’t going to cost her anything but the tow bill.
“Well, how did you fix it?” she asked.
“I put gas in it”

I would love to say that this is the only time this has happened. It’s not. Three times now this has occurred.

The lesson of this story? I’m not the only one who has to call Rick when I drive the car completely out of gas.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Growth Spurt

Written 4/15/08

Andrew and Kyley leave for their outerbanks fieldtrip tomorrow. They are SO excited. Rick and I have been busy getting them prepared.

Rick and I have also been busy finally doing some of the executer duties for his mother's estate. She passed in Oct., he was named executer, and what this has taught us is to get our affairs in order.

The ultimate Jakeism. I'll call this one Growth Spurt:

Jake: "In five days my buttocks will grow."

This came out of nowhere. I guess he wasn't comfortable with the 2 min. he had gone without getting any attention. Well, he certainly got our attention with this one.

You call this a Vacation?

Written 4/11/08

Sorry about the late post, but this is Spring Break week for the kids. Also, because I work in the school system, myself. I did go to the shop to finish some tax stuff before we sent it off to our accountant, but besides that, home. in the house. with the kids. all week. For the last 7 days, we have hosted the neighborhood. Sat. and Sun.=10 kids, Mon.-Wed.=8, Thur.=9, tonight 11? 12? That includes getting rid of 2 of our own one night and 1 last night. So, needless to say, I haven't had the time to post. Unfortunately, it has been cold or raining most of the week. Cold. Or raining. In the hot, dry south. Of course it was, since it is our VACATION!

The two days that it was beautiful, included 2 different parks, a hike, and countless hours on the 4-wheelers. Yes, we have 4-wheelers. (We are red-necks you know)

Make-A-Wish came out on Fri. Andrew ended up wishing for Disney, which is SO exciting. They informed us though that if we wanted to stay at Give Kids The World, we needed to wait until July or Aug. If we wanted to leave before then, we could stay in a Disney resort. Does anyone have an opinion on this? Any comments would be appreciated, especially people who have experienced GKTW.

Rainia still has fluid in her ears, and we go back on the 21st for the final decision of whether or not to put tubes in her ears. They are pretty sure of yes, but they don't want to make a rash decision before making absolutely sure that the fluid isn't related to her upper respiratory/ear infection. I am sure that she needs the tubes though, because I feel that she has had the hearing loss for quite some time. I am also going to have Joshua evaluated, because he doesn't speak english. at 5 years old. I think this is related to hearing loss as well.


Written 4/2/08

Congratulations to my berd* and her team for winning 1st place in the Battle of the Books for the first time in her elementary school's history.

We got the results back from Andrew's neuro-psycological assessment. It is very interesting, but we are still trying to decipher it. Maybe we should have Kyley explain it to us?

They are getting ready to go on the outerbanks field-trip. Rick is definately not going, but now we are questioning that decision. They said there would be A LOT of walking, students have to carry their own luggage, they will need to wear sweatshirts and coats, shed them and carry them, etc. All normal activities, but things Andrew might struggle with.

Brooke has her 1st soccer game tomorrow, and then the boys start T-ball on Sat.

That's all I have to report for today, except that next week is spring break for our school system and I am SO excited. I need a break.


*berd- beautiful nerd


Written 3/31/08

There is nothing very interesting to report. Kyley is in the battle of the books competition tomorrow. Joshua is sick with a cold. I was lying in bed with Kyley on Sun. afternoon, watching "America's Next Top Model", and she was making the most obnoxious farting noise with her mouth. I turned to her and asked her as calmly as I could why she was doing that. Her reply? "Because I am a musical genius" Of course you are, weird one!


Written 3/28/08

Just a quick update-
Make-A-Wish has rescheduled, they are coming next Fri. Andrew asked Rick if he had a golf cart could he ride it any time he wanted. Rick explained that golf carts could not be driven on the street, and that it would be dangerous with so many kids to drive one around the yard. At this point, we have NO IDEA what Andrew is going to say when they come out to interview him.

Once Upon A Time

Written 3/26/08

I received an e-mail about my last post, so let me just take this opportunity to say “How would I know why they call a hat a sled?” My theory is as follows:

Once upon a time, long long ago, lived a group of people who hung confederate flags on their fences. One day a man from this group packed some sweet tea, pinto beans, and tobacca and set off on a journey to ACTUALLY LEAVE HIS COUNTY. He trekked a long, long way, and since this journey was made sometime between the months of September-May, he came across white stuff on the ground, and bitter cold temperatures. He saw people who had strange things on their heads, to prevent their ears from falling off due to the extremely cold temperatures. These people’s idea of fun was to climb up a steep hill and slide down the white stuff on a flat surface. He heard words like hat, scarf, toboggan, and don’t eat yellow snow. Some of these people were democrats, so he quickly ran back to the safety of his own county. When he got back, his people were burning trash in their yard, so he gathered them around this large bonfire to tell them of the strange things he saw. He mentioned the snow, and since he knew that a hat was something you wear on your head which says GIT-R-DUN or has a nascar emblem, he spoke of the strange toboggans on people’s heads. He was very hungry, and since his wife was at her mama’s house, he found some hamburg and some sauce, and declared, “From this day forth, all Sloppy Joes shall be called MANwiches.”

If you are Southern, please don’t take offense to this story. It is just a theory. Unless you hang a confederate flag from your fence. In that case you should be very, very offended.

Y'all jiss don know haow t tawlk

Written 3/25/08

There is a day after Easter story that I can’t delve to deep into, because kids surf the internet. Anyway, I’ll just say that it involves Rainia finding stuff in our room, and my mother explaining to her that the Easter Bunny always leaves supplies for anyone who works in a school system to make baskets for other children just in case the Easter Bunny forgot to visit their house. Rainia, at 9 years old, had one of the saddest moments of her life. She barely spoke to anyone for the rest of the day.

On the flip side, I felt better today. But first I felt worse. I had to go back to work today, so I checked my school e-mail which I never do on my days off. I should make a point of checking it once in a while, because this was 9:30 am. Of course there was an e-mail from my supervisor saying that there was a mandatory staff meeting at 10:00 am. And do not be late. I have never washed myself so quickly in my entire life. I’m sure I missed some spots, but I put on a little extra perfume to make up for it. I wrapped my hair so tightly that when I took it down this evening it was still wet. I hopped out the door on one foot so that I could save zero seconds by putting my other shoe on in the car. I called Rick on the way to tell him my bum luck, and by the way, I may just run out of gas because the car is below empty. By the grace of God I didn’t run out of gas, and I was only 6 minutes late to the meeting.

This is how the whole day went. I got home at about 7:45 since it was a field-trip night. I honestly did not have time to feel depressed all day, and by the time I got home, the kids had already eaten Rick’s specialty. Rick’s specialty is Sloppy Joes. That’s what we called them up north. Around here, they are called Manwiches. I guess Rick thinks that it is ok to cook them, because they have the word “Man” in them. Because of that, I don’t argue the word. I like to argue the difference between Northern and Southern words, weiner instead of hotdog, y’all instead of you guys, and the one that really gets under my skin, toboggan. Where I come from, a toboggan is a kind of sled. Around here a toboggan is a hat. Since it only snows here once a year, and the snow is gone within hours, I believe that I have the authority over the difference between a sled and a hat. You cannot put a sled on your head! But I let Rick have Manwich, because that and soup are the only things he cooks. And the soup is questionable because last week when I was sick, I had some condensed soup WITH NO WATER ADDED. Lord was I glad to see those manwiches tonight though.

Rick says that it was a good thing that I had that meeting this morning, and had to work all day. He made the point that he would be depressed too if he had to spend the whole day in the house. Maybe he’s right. All I know is that I have a doctor’s appointment soon to talk about medication, and I am counting down the days.

Jacob and Joshua were play fighting today, which sometimes gets out of hand, but I was busy eating the best manwich in the world, so I didn’t stop them. Rick and I were sitting at the table when we heard Jake say to his twin, who is ½ in. shorter, but 5lbs. heavier, “You dont know kawate wittle kid.” We couldn’t help but to laugh.


Written 3/23/08

Happy Easter!

So this is the second time that I have written this post. The first time, I was completely finished, hit post, and I lost it. I lost my wireless signal and no matter how many times I hit the back and forward buttons, I couldn’t get it back. This was a hard post to write, so I cussed. Or if you’re not from the south, (or if you haven’t relocated here for reasons you are still trying to figure out) I swore. Yes, readers, I hate to disappoint you, but I said a bad word. Repeatedly. In front of my kids. So now I will try to write this post again, and I’m sure it won’t be as lovely as the first time, especially now that you know I have infected the innocent ears of my beautiful children.

The vile and disgusting emotional issues that I have been dealing with, they got WORSE! This is why I have been neglecting this page and my inbox. And my telephone. I have accidentally slipped into a depression so severe that the only thing I can do is to spend HOURS reading another person’s webblog. This way I can get lost in her life and escape my own. The only other things that I can do right now are to tend to the basic needs of my children, occasionally throw in a load of laundry, and sometimes yell “CAN I PLEASE PEE BY MYSELF?” Plus the crying. The hours and hours of crying.

I say that I accidentally slipped into this depression, because I come from a family of chemical imbalance. Because of this knowledge of inherited predisposition, I usually FIGHT my way into feeling ok. Unfortunately, the vile and disturbing thing that my family is dealing with would send a normal, happy, sane, and non-predisposed to chemical imbalance person over the edge. For myself, teetering close to the edge anyway, I have fallen completely off. And it’s a steep, steep cliff.

I will just say that this vile and repulsive thing (why can’t I come up with another word than vile?) is non-health related. Unless, like me, you consider mental health as important as physical health. I will not publicly divulge these issues, but just know that they are really, really HARD.

Why do I do this? Who in their right mind would combine 7 children? Who in their right mind would combine 2 sets of twins? Who in their right mind would combine 7 children when there are financial issues? Who combines 7 children when 1 has cancer? Who combines 7 children when there are behavior issues? Who combines 7 children into a THREE-BEDROOM-HOUSE? The only other person I know who could possibly love their partner at the end of the night after everything that I deal with is my fiancé. If ever there were 9 people who were meant to go through life together, it is us. Somehow we have the patience, love, and yes, LAUGHTER to go through this crazy life. Sometimes it is really hard. Now is one of those times.

Rick, I adore you. I adore your children. I know that you adore my children. We WILL get through this. Please be strong enough for the both of us to carry me through. When I can, I will borrow some of that never-ending strength back.

Look'n Good

Written 3/20/08

I almost forgot to leave you with a Jakeism

Rick: Boys, your new haircuts look SO good.
Josh: Thank-you
Jake: (in thick southerneese) Mine does, but hiiisss doesn't.

Sick in Bed

Written 3/20/08

Sorry about the late post, but in the last few days, I have had to endure emotional issues so vile and repulsive that the very thought of them makes me want to vomit on this computer. Thus endagering mine, my fiance's, and a certain 5-year-old who is addicted to's, life-line to the outside world.

Anybody who sent a lovely e-mail about our safety, thank-you. We figured out the reasoning behind my near electrocution and house-fire. The "new" dryer had wires crossed, in that the red was connected to the white and the white was connected to the red. We re-wired them. Now we can sleep safely at night while also drying 1/200th of the laundry that needs to be done.

We fixed the water leak that saved our house, and we re-fitted the robot-arm to safely dispose of any lethal lint. By "we" in any of the above mentioned chores, I mean Rick. "We" also moved a large storage building from a house in the next town over to our current home, so that 9 people's off-season and waiting to fit into the next child-in-line's clothes will have a nice, dry, home. "We" also patched the roof, because a terrible storm blew off pieces of lovely to hear the rain while in bed on a stormy night tin roof all over our yard.

Andrew had a vision exam scheduled at Duke, and while on route, Rick and Andrew broke down in the car recently fixed by the new mechanic. The new mechanic had to drive the 1.5 hours to get them, because Heidi was dealing with vile emotional issues, while also dealing with a terrible cold or the flu or please put me out of my misery virus.

Rainia has hearing loss in both ears, more so in the right, in the lower tones. She has been put on steroids, nose spray, and daily sudafed to try to prevent tubes being put in to drain the fluid causing the hearing loss.

More later, I need to go cry hysterically, or throw-up, or shake violently while covered with three blankets while trying to sip tea with honey.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Written 3/15/08

I had a near death experience plus God saved all of our stuff.

Sounds interesting right? This is what happened. In getting Rick's belongings out of his other house and storage building, we found a dryer. Since our dryer takes 2 full 70 minute cycles to dry a load of clothes, we figured we would try the one we found and see if it worked before starting to replace heating elements and such in the one we have. So the dryer has been in the middle of the kitchen since our moving furniture marathon. I decided that I would tackle this task while Rick was at work today.

I moved all of the dirty clothes out of the laundry room. (9 people remember, there is never a time that I can recall that the laundry has been all finished.) I slid the old dryer out of its place, and pushed the new dryer into position. When I plugged the dryer up, it was already on, so I quickly turned it off. I slid on the dryer lint hose thing onto the back of the dryer. (I don't know the name of this hose thing, but it is made out of tin-foil type material, and looks like a robot arm. It runs from the dryer into a hole in the floor, under the floor, and comes out of the side of the house.) So when I let go of the dryer-lint robot arm hose, it touched the outlet plug, and sparks started shooting everywhere. They probably shot 4 feet into the air, and continued sparkling like a fire-cracker while I grabbed the dryer and pulled it out from the wall until the robot-arm-hose fell and the sparks stopped. I took a deep breath and decided that I would wait until later to finish this particular chore. Quite a bit of smoke was coming from the laundry room, so I opened all of the windows and sent the kids outside. I was very impressed with the amount of smoke that electrical sparks cause, and shortly decided to leave the house myself. I went over to my mother's house and called Rick at work to tell him about my near death experience.

I let him know that if I had been touching the robot arm or had been in a different position, I would have been fried. After a long conversation of making sure that he was grateful that I was alive, I decided to take a nap. What else do you do when you narrowly escape death by electrocution? Plus, I wasn't feeling very well today. When Rick got home a couple of hours later, I woke up and we went into the laundry room so that I could reenact the whole thing. While in there, he noticed a loud water sound, and went into the kids bathroom on the other side of the wall, but they didn't have any water on. So, outside and under the house he went to investigate. He came back in to tell me to come outside.

Our house had been on fire! Apparently the robot-arm-hose was full of lint, and the sparks had started it on fire. it completely burnt up, catching the surrounding wood, sheetrock, and insulation, all the way out to the dryer-exhaust hole in the siding of the house. There is melted siding and burn marks all around the exhaust hole. The way that God put out the fire, is that the fire burned into the water pipes that supply the washing machine, and they were spraying like crazy, putting out the fire.

I had never even thought to check if the electrical sparks had started a fire, and although I was amazed at the amount of smoke, I thought that it had come from the sparks. The smoke was actually coming from our house burning up while I walked around and opened windows. I have no idea how long our house burned before God put out the fire, but I am grateful.

So this was very exciting, and amazing, but Rick is now disgusted. He started to pull out the burnt-up insulation and sheetrock from under the house to get to the melted pipes to fix the water leak, but it got dark and he worked all day, so we have our main water line cut off, and tomorrow it looks like he has his work cut out for him. So that is how I nearly got electrocuted and we nearly lost our house. And praise God that he put out the fire.

Doctors, parenting, and more doctors

Written 3/14/08

It sure has been a busy few days. The evening after the spelling bee, we had to get ready to go up to Durham, which is no small feat, since we have to lay out clothes not only for the ones who are going, but the ones who are staying as well. Plus make sure there is enough breakfast and dinner so that my brother doesn't have to deal with any of that. After the morning rounds of dropping off kids on Wed., we headed up and actually arrived 2 hrs early for his 1:00 app. Fortunately, they let us check into the hotel early so that we could rest and freshen up. The appointment was long. about 5 hours. At one point, Kyley and I left for a run to the store and ended up lost in the wrong part of Durham. But we found our way back, and after the appointment, we ate dinner and they swam in the pool.

They said that it would take 2-3 weeks to get back the report, which covers his intellect, memory, ability to learn, etc. everything that radiation can affect. So we should be armed and ready at his next IEP meeting. We got home at about 3:00 on Thur. afternoon, which was teacher conference day, so we went to our 5 conferences. Luckily all teachers got us in shortly after we arrived, since we weren't sure what time we would be back, we didn't schedule any specific time. The longest we had to wait was about 20 minutes.

When we got home at about 5:30, Rick had to turn around and go back to the shop, and boy did he miss all of the action. The kids staged an intervention on Brooke. I am not kidding. They sat her and I down and told her (and me) that she has this boyfriend that they hate. (same boy that seems to be the cause of her friends turning against her and her grades dropping from A's and B's to F's.) They said that he had called Brittney, Rick, and I many terrible things, and had even called Brooke terrible things. They told her that they didn't trust her decisions or her word, since she had said that she didn't like him anymore. They said more, but I am practicing the whole discretion thing.

I was so amazed, that the kids would do this, that when Rick got home, I had them go through it all again. I know that it sounds typical for a 13 year old to have a boyfriend, but this can't be normal that it would affect her friendships, grades, and even siblings, so we're really at a loss. Were not quite sure what to do.

Rainia had a follow up Dr. appointment today, her infected toe is much better. Unfortunately, her ears are still too full of wax. At our last app. the Dr. suggested this homeopathic remedy called ear-candling, which was so funny, I'll have to post some pics. But, the candling didn't take care of the problem, so now we are being referred to an Ear, Nose and Throat specialist. He said that the wax build-up is really severe, and she probably has loss of hearing at this point. She has always had an abundance of wax, and the reason we switched pediatrician's is because the last Dr. office busted her eardrum while trying to irrigate the ear. Poor Girl!!! This was years ago, but she was so afraid to go back in there we had to switch Drs. (I don't blame her. They say that a ruptured ear-drum is extremely painful.) Fortunately, our pediatrician now says that anything like that should be done by a specialist who knows what they are doing. So more Drs. appointments on the way.

Brooke got her glasses today as well. So, this has been the first chance I've had to post an update. And now to tackle the bags of clothes and toys that are still in my living room...

I hate Bees

Written 3/11/08

Quick Update-

I don't have the energy to post a full update tonight, because I have been running since 6:30 this morning, and just now finished giving Josh a haircut and getting the boys in bed. But, some of you are waiting to hear about Kyley's spelling bee, so here goes. She did not win. The boy who won, is a 7th grader who won last year and went to nationals representing our county. So he goes again. Good Luck Andrew!!! (That is his name) Our newspaper is the Gaston Gazette, and they had full coverage of the bee, so if anyone is interested check out their website. I think it's

Who needs the Gym?

Written 3/9/08

There is NEVER enough time to do everything. This is what Rick and I did all day: moved furniture. That's it. Didn't have time to do laundry, didn't have time to give the kids haircuts (which they desperately need). didn't have time to clean house. Nothing just moved furniture, grocery store, dinner, homework. I'll be so sore in the next few days. We finally got all of the stuff and furniture out of Rick's old house, but we have no room until we get a bigger house, so to the shop it went. Except for about 15 bags trash bags full of clothes and toys that I have to go through. Our next yard sale will be a big one.

Rick is not happy, because the kids room in his office now looks like a storage shed. But, better there than in our house. We already have 9 people crammed into 3 bedrooms. I'll be SO happy when we get a bigger place.

We had someone come to the house from hospice that Duke recommended. She came to talk to the kids about dealing with andrew's illness. It was not very productive, because they have been dealing with this for 2.5 years. This would have been really good in the very beginning, when Rick and Andrew were in the hospital, and the girls came to live with me and my kids. At that time the kids needed someone to talk to, to cry to, probably to scream at. Now, not so much. Now they are used to this chaos that we call life. But, since switching to Duke, we are taking advantage of everything that they offer.

We still go up to Duke Wed. for Andrew's neuro-psyc. app. This app. takes 4-5 hours, so we will be spending the night up there. Kyley will be coming with us this time, it's the day after the spelling bee.

I can't believe that I have to go back to work tomorrow, with 15 trash bags in my living room, and not having accomplished what I wanted to this weekend.

I did get Kyley's room done on Sat. though. when she won her school spelling bee, we rewarded her with a room make-over, which is a loft bed that we built the weekend after the bee. I hung curtains and built a shelf for her stuff and TV the following weekend, and I now finished the bottom, with an office area and a dressing area. It is so pretty. She now has the best room (well, half a room) in the house. She also has much desired privacy. Now all the kids want curtains on their bunk-beds. Maybe next weekend...

Monday, May 19, 2008

Mother of the Year

Written 3/7/08

This is my story from yesterday: I woke up with Rainia whining that her ear hurts, as I already posted, she stayed home from shcool on Mon and Tue. Wed she was fine, and went back to school coincidentally it was Grand-parents day, and she knew that my mother was going with her and taking her to the book fair. So Thur. morning, all of a sudden she was sick again. So, I wasn't having it. I told her that if she was well enough to go to school on Grand-parents day then she was well enough to go to shcool today. I told her that I was tired of her always trying to stay home, and that she was going to have to repeat 3rd grade from missing so much school. So, off to school she went.

Yesterday was also Brooke's special day. She is getting glasses, and it was time to get the full vision exam and pick out her frames. She, still trying to pull up her grades, decided to go to school in the morning, even though I had to pick her up at 10:00 for her app.

9:00am i received a call from Rainia saying that she was to sick to stay at school. I knew she wouldn't rest until I made her a dr. app. so I called her pediatrician, and they were able to get me in at 11:00, the same time as Brooke's app. fortunately, they happen to be in the same office building, 2 doors apart.

I pick up Rainia, then head over to Brooke's school. I tell Rainia that I'm so upset and if the dr. says that there is nothing wrong with her, she is grounded for the weekend. When I get to Brooke's school, Rainia stayed in the car and on the way out with Brooke, I tell her that Rainia's faking sick, and to go along with what I say.

In the car, we tell Rainia that the eye dr. probably wont let Brooke go in herself, and that her Dad is going to have to leave work and go to her app. with her, which would be terrible, because he would probably pick out the ugliest glasses in the world, thus ruining her life forever.

So we get to Brooke's app. early, I fill out all required paperwork, and she IS able to go into the app. by herself. I explain the situation, and that I will be 2 doors down at the pediatrician's office.

We got over to Rainia's appointment, and guess what? She has an ear-infection and allergies to the point that they recommend prescription medication. She even had a fever. 99.8, to low to catch with the old hand-on-the-forehead thermometer. So now I am feeling like the worst mother ever to exist on the planet. Sorry, sorry, sorry I keep on saying. "See Mommy, I told you my ear hurt" (she is just beaming as she says this, right in front of the dr.) Oh-my. I am not winning the mother of the year award this time around.

We go out to lunch, at Rainia's favorite restaurant, not fast food, maybe as a little sucking up to hasten her forgiveness. We pick out Brooke's glasses, very cute. All of this before 2:00, then it's drop them off at home, and off to work for me.


Written 3/5/08

We are discussing Rick not going on Andrew and Kyley's 5th grade field-trip. As I previously mentioned, the trip is $400 a piece. Kyley's trip is paid for (TGF child-support.) We still owe $100 on Andrew's trip and $300 on Rick's. The things that Rick does for Andrew are: pick his clothes, help him get dressed, fix his breakfast (even cereal), wash his hair, brush his hair, tie his shoes. When Andrew is not doing well, he really doesn't have the coordination or balance to complete these tasks. With his right arm and hand that don't function, everyday activities are work for him. But, we are wondering if he could do most of this stuff on his own right now, given how well he is doing. The only thing that I think he wouldn't be able to accomplish one-handed is tying his shoes, and there is always velcro. The expiration date for having the trips paid for has already come and gone, and we do not foresee an extra $400 right now.

Rainia is over her virus and headed back to school, but now Josh is sick. Since the boys are still in daycare, when 1 is sick we let the other stay home. But next year they will have a rude awakening when they will be going to kindergarden. They will have to get used to being apart, as we can't allow them to stay home just for the sake of not being without eachother.

Kyley has had a very exciting week. She decided to make contact with her biological father, whom she has never met. She has been talking about it for a couple of years, and I always told her that whenever she was ready, I would do all that I could to get his contact information. Well, I guess she finally got over her fear of rejection, and decided that now is the time. She e-mailed him, and guess what? He wrote back!!! She is so happy. I'm really excited for her.

I always feel like there is not enough time in the day to do everything that I need to do. With all of these kids, the house, my job, my other job, and a wedding, I don't know how to do everything.


Written 3/2/08

Well, like I said, if it's not one thing, it's another. Now Rainia is throwing up with a high fever. She probably got it from the ER yesterday. So, another missed day of school tomorrow, and another virus to be passed through all 9 of us. AAAUUUGGG!!! Plus, she is sooo needy when she is sick. More so than anyone. She actually called me into her room from across the house to hand her the drink that was at the other side of the bed. NOT!

The toe

Written 3/2/08

If it's not one thing, it's another. We spent the day in the ER yesterday with Rainia, her big-toe is infected under the nail. Why do things always happen on the weekends or evenings when the drs. office is closed, so that we have to spend 4-5 hrs. in the ER? The Dr. said there was no cause to her infection, sometimes these thing just happen. Sent home with a RX for anti-biotic. Brooke needs glasses! We have an app. with eye-doc. on Thur. Nothing else too exciting in the last couple of days. But, I will leave you with another Jakeism.

Me: "Jake, I love you sooo much because you're so smart and funny!"
Jake: "Mommy, I love you sooo much, because you're so hot!"

There is something seriously wrong with this. This is what daycare does? Or maybe having 5 older siblings.

lactose intolerant

Written 3/1/08

Make-a-Wish called and asked to reschedule. The woman coming out has her daughter visiting for a surprise visit from Iraq. That was fine with us, because 9:00 on Sat. morning is a hard time for our bunch. By hard I mean still in bed.

I had Rick laughing about reading the post about Jake. He sure is a handful. Example-
"Mommy, is ask a cuss word?"
"No, Jake"
"Well, Andrew sure is a smart ask!"
"Jacob! you cant say that!"
"Why mommy? Is smart a cuss word?"

Or a recent conversation he had with Rick when he didn't get his way.
Jake: "I hate you!"
Rick: "Jacob that's not a nice thing to say."
Jake: "Well, then I hate milk, and YOU'RE milk!"