Thursday, June 26, 2008

It's only funny till somebody gets hurt

Sorry, no sound in this one. Shot by Andrew's digital camera

Parenting 101 Lesson 3: It's Only Funny Till Somebody Gets Hurt

Monday, June 23, 2008

Always Amazed

If you haven't been following my posts, I am so amazed at the care we receive at Duke Children's. I wanted to share with you an example of their commitment. Here is a copy of the e-mail I sent to his medical team at 9:39pm :

Dear Team,

I'm really not sure who I am supposed to e-mail about scheduling, Andrew McQueen, has an appointment with Dr. Grant on July 14th. We have noticed an increasing "attitude" for about a month, as well as lower energy for about that long. Now, he has complained of dizziness for 2 days. He also needed assistance walking once yesterday and once today. I was wondering if we should get an MRI scheduled sooner?


Heidi Underhill

Here is the reply we received at 9:43pm :

Hi there. We will try to move things up to see him sooner.
Latonya will give you a call.

Best regards,

Gerald Grant, M.D.
Assistant Professor, Pediatric Neurosurgery
Duke University Medical Center
Box 3272, Durham, NC 27710

And the reply we received at 9:46pm :

Yes, we can see him earlier as necessary. However, i would be at the ISPNO meeting from June 29th through the 3rd.


Sri Gururangan, MRCP (UK)
Associate Professor of Pediatrics and Surgery
Director, Pediatric Clinical Services
The Preston Robert Tisch Brain Tumor Center
Duke University Medical Center
047 Baker House, Trent Drive
Durham, NC 27710


I am just amazed that within 7 minutes, we had received 2 replies. Did I mention that I love them? Also pray, or cross your fingers, or whatever you do. Keep Andrew in your thoughts.

New Mechanic

Dear New Mechanic,

I’m sorry that when you asked for a cash advance on your paycheck, that you didn’t realize it was actually a cash advance, meaning that you would have to pay us back, out of your paycheck. I realize that it was very interesting to you to learn how much a catalytic converter is worth. I understand that they use precious metals in making them, and that when Rick is going to junk a car, he sells the converters separately. Interestingly though, Rick ONLY sells the converters off of the cars that he is sending to the junkyard, because it is illegal to drive without one. Did you really think that it was a good idea to cut the converter off of your own car and sell it? I am so happy for you that you got a whole $250 for it, but now you need to spend $450 for a new one. We really have tried to help you out, but unfortunately we are not able to pay you in advance any more, as we have 7 kids, and cannot afford to keep you up for weeks at a time. We are more than willing to pay you for work that you actually do.



Friday, June 20, 2008


I was just looking at my blog stats. I like to know how many people are reading my site, and how they got here. So one of them made me laugh so hard that I just had to share it. someone found my blog by googleing "redneck shorty got low" I checked myself, and sure enough I am on the 3rd google page under redneck shorty got low. lolololololol. This just cracks me up.

So, what about you? If you have a blog, and you check your stats, what is the most interesting way someone has found your site?

Disney Channel

Dear Disney Channel,

Thank-you for the endless hours of babysitting, thank-you for the not so many hours of quality family time. Thank-you for making movies that are musicals. Thank-you for having quality messages in the movies. Do the Jonas Brothers HAVE to wear those skinny jeans?


Ps: "Camp Rock" Rocks

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Dear Missy

Dear Missy,

You are a lovely, beautiful horse. And, I respect you because you are so much bigger than me. Did you HAVE to prove how much respect you deserve by rearing-up when I was holding your lead rope? Now I have rope-burn on my thumb, and 1st, 2nd, and 3rd fingers. It hurts very badly. I can't even close my hand. Next time, could you just take it for granted that I respect you?



Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Em Bare Assed

Conversation with the doctor today during Jake and Josh’s pre kindergarden check-up

Me: So you’re not going to report me to social services or anything?

Dr.: (laughing) nope.

Me: I just wasn’t home when they got up this morning.

Dr.: It’s typical boy behavior.

Me: The majority of the boys you see don’t like to wear underwear?

Conversation with the boys after the check-up

Me: Jake, you are SO tough! You only cried for about 5 seconds, and you got THREE shots!

Josh: Mommy, am I tough?

Me: Yeah, Josh! You are SO tough! You’re AWESOME!

Josh: Mommy, I wasn’t even cwyin.

Me: You weren’t?

Josh: No. I was pwetendin ta cwy.

Conversation with my mom and Rick after check-up

Mom: Well, that’s better than I thought you were going to say.

Me: Are you kidding? Most people put clean underwear on their kids before they take them to the doctor.

Rick: Well, better no underwear than dirty underwear.

Mom: Well, did that permanent marker ever come off where they drew circles around their nipples?

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

If You Can't Beat'em Join'em

A while ago I talked about the influence of pop-culture in our home. This leads us to another parenting video, taken by the berd without my knowledge.

Parenting 101 Lesson 2

If You Can't Beat'em Join'em

Monday, June 16, 2008

When God can help us crazy Yankees

I was recently going through the pictures on my cell phone. I Love being able to take pics with my phone, as it is ALMOST always with me.

I found this lovely pic, that I took last summer on our vacation to VT. We had to do laundry at a laundry mat, because had we packed enough clothes for 9 people for 2 weeks, we would not have been able to fit in the van. As it was, we had to tow a little U-haul trailer to fit our stuff. So there we were, at a laundry-mat in VT, when we saw this. Rick said that this one picture alone, taken from my hometown, finally explained everything about me.

I also found this lovely picture, taken here in my southern town, and now I know why I haven’t won the lottery. Obviously I said that prayer was when he was off duty.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Stress Relief

If you have been following this blog, you know that I deal with depression. Well, I also deal with PTSD, and having a messed up child-hood. I know, I know, EVERYONE has a dysfunctional child-hood. Without going into too much detail, mine is especially dysfunctional. So I'm not incredibly healthy. I mean, I'm proud of my parenting, I'm proud of my relationship skills, I like myself. But I know that I am not healthy. So what I do when faced with stress is to try to escape. This is much better than what I used to do when faced with stress.

What I do now is to escape into sombody else's blog. It gives me stress relief, It's interesting, and sometimes, as in this case it inspires me. So my feature that you see on the left, "My Current Escape" Is just that. Does anybody else do this? Spend HOURS reading someone else's life to escape their own?

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Rick broke the law

Rick broke the law. And I can deal with hate mail or hate e-mail. The weather is hot here. But, it doesn’t bother the kids, who play outside in sprinklers barefoot. A swimming pool is at the top of my wishlist, but we don’t have one. The kids play outside anyway. Sometimes, after dinner, Rick and I sit on our front steps while the kids do chores. It’s relaxing, and we get to talk without hearing mommy, mommy, mommy, MOMMY, daddy, Rick, Rick, Heidi, Rick, Heidi, DADDY, MOOOOOMMMMMMMYYYY!!!!

Yesterday we were sitting on the front steps, and Rick remarked that Crystal, Andrew’s dog, was acting strange. I looked, and sure enough, Crystal was acting strange. She was taking a step forward, and then jumping three steps back. Although it looked funny, and Crystal is the biggest chicken in the world, she had good reason to be afraid. There, in our driveway was a very large Rattle snake.

I started screaming, because that is my natural reaction to snakes or spiders. I quickly called crystal into the house. Rick remarked that he was going to the garage to get something to kill the snake with, which was met with more screams by me, because he had to WALK BY the snake to get to the garage. He did it, and all the kids watched from inside the house as he quickly be-headed the snake. I know, I know. How inhumane can we be? We were supposed to call animal control and let them come out and get the snake and take it to snake paradise or something, but I like to think that is where he is now anyway. Snake paradise.

We must truly be disgusting murderous people, because after it was dead, 5 out of 7 of our kids had to hold it, and The Genius decided that it was a good learning experience to dissect it. So let the hate mail begin. And in other news, did I mention that our kids play outside? Regularly? FEAR has struck this family, who chose to spend the day INSIDE where it is nice and safe.

Yes, I am aware of how red-neck this photo looks. Were not in VT anymore, were southern now.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

It's hard out here for a pimp

It has been SO busy around here that I don’t even know where to start. I have so much to write about, and I don’t want to flood your brains with my stress and craziness. Let me start with school news. All of our amazing kids passed their eog’s. We have not yet received their scores or report cards, but when we do, you better believe that I will be bragging. Speaking of bragging, I cried like a baby instead of a proud mommy at the kids award ceremony. In fear of coming off like a total snob, I will just say that my kids are amazing!

The genius cleaned-up, and in addition to winning every academic award possible also won 1st place in the talent show, outstanding performance strings (violin), and outstanding performance music (singing). Rick had to keep his hand over my mouth, and I bit him, but that was better than my overwhelming impulse to stand up and scream “Ha! Losers! My kid is better than yours!” I refrained myself, and he only needed 2 stitches.

Yesterday was Rainia’s surgery. We spent 6 hrs. there. She took her IV like a sailor getting a tattoo. She laughed at the nurse, and then took her flask out of her pocket smiled sweetly. Her surgery was done within 30 minutes, and the rest of the time was recovery. The worst part was when she vomited, and I immediately convulsed with dry-heaves, and the nurse had to tell me to sit down and ask if I was OK. You would think after 7 kids and countless viruses, not to mention months spent with Andrew in ICU, I would be able to handle a little throw-up. You would think.

When we finally left, we got her a milk-shake, and I dropped Rick off at work. I went to pick up Kyley at horse-camp, in the blazer I have been driving lately. I have been driving it for about a week, so am fully aware that no matter how much or how little gas it has, the gauge says ¾ of a tank. I guess with all the hurrying to get to the surgical center without the required paper-work that I couldn’t find, I wasn’t thinking about when the last time I put gas in was, or finding my cell phone.

So the phone was left at home with the kids, and I ran out of gas. Luckily, it was only 99 degrees outside. I knew what was happening, and had enough sense to glide off onto a side road. I knocked on the doors of 4 houses, but no one came to the door to help a woman out of gas with a drugged-up, in pain, vomiting 9 yr. old girl. Out of no where, a large coca-cola truck pulled up. I guess he needed to rearrange the coke bottles, or check his directions, or something, but there he was. So, I ran over to the truck, and said “HEY!” He preceeded to quickly roll up his windows, shake his head no, point to his wedding ring, and drive off as quickly as he could get the truck to shift. Those of you who know what the oldest profession in the world is, know what he mistook me for.

I walked back to the car, and explained to Rain that I had to run to find a phone. I locked her in the 105 degree blazer, and took off running. The first thing I came upon, was the lovely hair salon where I buy my Aveda supplies, now what kind of working girl uses Aveda? I called Rick, and ran back to the truck. I dried my tears before I got back to Rainia, because I didn’t want to scare her. I carried her out of the 115 degree truck, and we found a spot in the shade to wait. Luckily, she still had her milk-shake, now milk-soup.

Rick showed up quickly, because he wanted to live another day loves me very much. I drove straight to the gas station, got the genius from horse-camp and went home. After dinner, chores, bath, some more vomit, some crying, and finally all the kids getting to bed, I laid in bed next to Rick. I was trying to cry, because that is absolutely my BEST stress-relief, but for some reason instead of tears, all I had was shock. I mean, I’m a good looking girl, how could the coca-cola guy refuse my services?

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

All Caught Up

I am done!!!!!

Done, sun, bun, fun, fun, fun!!!!! I am completely caught up. Meaning, This blog totally and fully matches my other blog. No more reading what was written 2 months ago, no more wondering why I am writing about easter in June. Done.

What does this mean? Well, 1st the history. My original blog was written on this is a wonderful community for caregivers and patients of health-related issues. I started the blog as a way to keep my friends and family updated on Andrew’s cancer issues. I must be REALLY behind the times, because at that point, I hadn’t read Dooce, Bossy, Banana’s, anything. I was unaware of Blogher. Didn’t know about technorati, total and complete ignorance. Turns out, I also didn’t know about the therapeutic benefits of blogging. So, the carepage kind of began to have a mind of its own. I found, instead of updating dr. appointments, sickness, and wellness, I was journaling, and writing about LIFE.

I started googleing mommy blogs and OMG!!! Everyone stole my idea. Years ago. They stole my idea, before it was even my idea, and I am obviously the biggest idiot on the planet. Can you imagine what my life would have been had I been recording publicly all of those years in my youth experimenting with love, life, and pain? And, I could’ve been reading everybody else’s life. This is like reality television without the script. Flavor Flav, eat your heart out!

OK, back to the point, my carepage, instead of being about health, turned into being about life. And I realized that it isn’t really the correct platform for my blog. I plan to continue my carepage for my readers on that site. I have a lovely group of family, friends, and strangers, who read my updates regularly. Actually, about 120 people read my carepage regularly. But, did I mention that my family reads that site? My VERY conservative, baptist, republican family? So, do I censor myself? Of course!!!

Will I continue to censor myself? Well, yeah. I have a wonderful man and children that I need to be accountable to. I have a job, and eventually my family may find my site. So, do I plan on writing about couple’s counseling, my boss, or my step-daughter calling me a b**ch? NO. But, do I now feel free to write about giving my fiancĂ© a lap-dance, the absolute joy I get out of farting in front of my children, or my brother’s murder trial?

All I can say is LET THE GAMES BEGIN! Hahahahaha (that was supposed to be an evil, hackling, witch laugh)

Education Blues

Written 5/28/08

I know you’re probably sick of hearing it, but I need to blog about my job again. This blog has turned into my main form of stress relief, and without it, I might just go insane.

Let me preempt this post with a disclaimer. I want to point out, without a shadow of a doubt, how much I love teachers.

My mother is a teacher. She is an incredible teacher. I have witnessed, for as long as I can remember, her dedication, long hours, hard work, passion, and frustration with teaching. She is the kind of teacher that I wish my children had every year. She stays late at school daily, and works during her weekends and vacations. She continually stays on top of new teaching methods, and researches the brain’s ability to learn. She takes the time to get to know her students’ different learning styles so that she can adapt her teaching style to teach them individually how they will best learn, all the while maintaining an orderly environment conducive to learning. I can remember, during my childhood, many instances of her bringing students home. These were not the students who were respectful, doing well, and got good grades. The students that my mom took a special interest in were the students who needed it most. These students were her most difficult. The one’s many teachers would like to see transferred to another class. She befriends them, takes them out to eat, and pays them to do petty work around the house. She stresses to them the importance of education, and I am confident that she has changed lives. I could NEVER do what she does. Because of her, I know that there are amazing teachers out there.

That being said, I got my results back from my students math eog’s. (end of grade tests). Out of my 25 current students, I have 4 that passed. Granted, the very nature of my program is to help students who are “at risk”. Therefore, I would have been surprised if the majority of them had passed. But, come on, 4? The worse part of this is that most of my students, because of my program, turn in their homework and have fairly good grades. I have a few students who failed the test miserably that have been on honor roll all year. ALL YEAR. My question is how does a teacher give a student an “A” or a “B” for a grade, when the student obviously has no grasp of the material? I have found that the grades my students are getting have nothing to do with what they are learning. The grades are mostly based on if the student does what they are told. If they sit quietly and don’t draw attention to themselves. If they turn in their homework (even if it is wrong). So these “good” students, whether they are learning anything or not, think that they are. They think, “Well, I have had a good grade in that class all year, I will do fine on the test” They don’t need to study, they don’t need to worry.

WHAT IS GOING ON??? There is a serious problem with the education system in our country. And, we’re the best country in the world. People die trying to come here to live. Why are our students performing so poorly compared to other countries? Why are our high-school students graduating with a VAST difference in knowledge depending on where they live? Why do I feel, as a parent, that I need to use my brother-in-laws address to get my kids into a different “better” school district then my own. It is so SAD that our children don’t have the same opportunity across the board. How does a student get an “A” in math all year, and then fail the math test miserably?

And about my particular students who all failed? My 8th graders will have 2 more chances to take the test, and will then be held back. Some will end up dropping out of school, because who wants to be 16 or 17 in the 8th grade? My 6th and 7th graders will be bumped up, until 8th grade, when they will be faced with the same dilemma. And unfortunately, they don’t understand the ramifications. 2 of my students were really upset. I was trying to console them about the test, and they both gave me blank stares. Then I found out that they had just “broken up”. Lord help us.

I would also like to take the time to thank someone. All of our children are absolutely brilliant, but 1 of them is particularly gifted. She is in the highest level of classes, and “AIG” (the intellectually gifted program). She is amazing. She also received her first “C” this year. Not because she didn’t do the homework, not because she wasn’t polite and respectful. She received a “C” because she was struggling with the material. So thank-you, Mrs. Culbertson, for being honest with her. Even if she cried. A lot. I would much rather my children be prepared and know what they need to work on, than think that they are doing better than they actually are because they don’t give someone problems in the classroom.

Who needs sleep?

Written 5/20/08

Can I vent for a minute?

I'll take that as a yes.

This week SUCKS!!!!! I mean, our lives are always hectic, but someone needs to put me out of my misery this week.

Mon: 8:00- kids to school, to the shop to work, had to get the girls some clothes for their allstar gymnastics tryouts at walmart, at my job at 2:00, out at 5:35, met Rick at the Gym (gymnastics) at 5:45, home at 8:00, dinner, bathtime, and bed.

I missed my first IEP meeting for Andrew, which was at 2:00. They usually schedule these for Fri. because I dont work Fri. but they couldn't get us in until Mon. Rick had to leave the gym, pick up the boys at daycare, and get pizza for dinner.

Tue: This is EOG (end of grade test) week for the kids, which means a hot breakfast instead of their usual cereal. Rick cooked this morning, I will get up and do the breakfast duty tomorrow morning.

8:00- kids to school, Rick and I had errands to run in the morning, and an appointment at 11:00. had to get some stuff for my job, back to the shop at 2:00, off to my job at 2:30. out at 5:30. Pick up boys, meet Rick at the Gym at 5:50. Home at 8:00. Grocery Store for peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and yogurt because it was SO LATE! dinner, bed.

Wed. and Thur. I have to Proctor for the EOG's at my school, which means I will be dropping my kids off at 7:30, so that I can get to my school at 8:00, and stay there all day, walking around a silent classroom, watching students NOT cheat on their tests. I will not be allowed to sit down. In case in that 5 sec. that I rest my legs, one of those crafty 12-yr.-olds breaks out a answer sheet.

Thurs: my job takes a field-trip, with all the other programs like mine, which means that instead of dealing with 25 fresh out of testing, restless, wild, middle-school aged kids, I will get to enjoy 150 of them. I will get out of work at 5:45, and then rush to get to the boys tee-ball game at 6:15.

Fri, one of the kids has an ENT dr. app. I don't know which one, and I don't CARE!

These days of not sitting down or taking a breath until 9:00 at night are going to KILL me!

Did I mention that I can't wait for this school year to end?

Rhymes with???

Written 5/15/08

Just in case....

I need to clear up any confusion. For those of you who do not know us, Rainia IS an unusual name. I MADE IT UP! I was looking for a nickname of Rain, because that is what I like to call her.

Rainia = Rain ee uh

not: Run I uh
not: Rain I uh
not: Rain ee A
not: Rain I A

rhymes with: Pain ee uh
or: Rainy duh

Things she is called on a regular basis:
Pain ee uh
lil momma
Rain on my window sill (thx Brittney)
Ga-Ga (don't even ask)
wainia (boys)

and of course:

br..k..a..j..HEY YOU!!!

Redneck Woman

Written 5/12/08

I’m back from my much needed break with my girl Kelly. I will share the highlight of my trip:

We were staying in this little town called Cayce SC, outside of Columbia. We ended up at this country nightclub in a BARN. They had a live band, and line-danced to every song. I was having a great time with the girls, talking and laughing at everybody else, when I looked at the dance floor and saw a girl in a full-length satin pink dress. I immediately turned to the girl next to me and said that she must think that she is at a hillbilly prom. We had a nice little chuckle, and when I turned my head back to the dance floor, there were 4 or 5 girls in the same pink prom dress. I was confused, because everyone knows that you don’t wear the same dress as someone else to your hillbilly prom. When I looked again, there she was. The Bride. She was in her beautiful white dress, her hair in a lovely updo with cascading curls. She was line-dancing with the well-dressed groom. Oh my Gosh! They actually had their reception in this public Barn dance hall! Is this shocking me because I am thinking about my own wedding? Am I just incredibly narrow-minded? Am I a yankee snob? I am suddenly feeling SO much better about the red-neck town that I live in, because I have never seen a wedding reception at our hillbilly dance club.

When I got home, my wonderful kids had decorated the house with lovely mother’s day streamers and hand-made cards. There was some kind of strange song playing from the computer about making them eat their veggies, and I was greeted with enough hugs and kisses to remind me why I love having such a big family. I was presented with a beautiful watch, which I desperately needed to remind me when to do the laundry. Rick made a lovely meal of frozen TV dinners, so that I didn’t have to cook. I spent some time with my own wonderful mother, and went to bed early. All in All, a very special mother’s day weekend.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Mother's Day!!!

Written 5/8/08

I am taking a little break this weekend. Rick has graciously offered to watch the kidlets, and I will be going to see my best friend. She lives in Kentucky, but will be in SC this weekend, so I will be meeting her there.

Talk to you when I get home,

Shorty got Low

Written 5/5/08

Well, it turns out that Rainia does have to have the adnoids removed. So it will be a little bit more complicated than the tubes in the ears, but they will do both in the same surgery, and it shouldn’t be too bad. Maybe a sore throat for a couple of days.

My job will be letting out for the summer on June 6th. I am very excited because I desperately need a couple of minutes to breath. I am hoping to get everything organized at the shop, get my house clean, and get caught up with laundry all in the first couple of weeks and then relax. Usually the summers get to be pretty hectic with having the kids all home and trying to take at least one good two-week vacation, but I cannot wait!

You are not going to believe this, but I have lost a bin of summer clothes. Well, those who know me can believe it.

I have a Jakeism, but you are going to question my parenting skills after this one. Honestly people, I am doing the best I can. For a very, very, very long time, we didn’t allow the kids to listen to the popular radio stations because of the lyrics involved in all of today’s top 40 songs. We did very well with this, getting our kids to enjoy country, Christian, jazz, classic rock, and even classical. Somehow though, pop culture has invaded our home. The kids listen to the radio stations, and yes, I do too. So this explanation has all led up to today’s Jakeism. Should I write this? Too late now.

Jake: “Mommy, can I give that big booty a slap?”

I am so sorry people. I have long been an advocate for a required parenting class for every birthday that your child has. Obviously, I would fail that class. Miserably. With a big fat F.

Also, his glue spot:

Monday, June 2, 2008

Teach Them 2 B Themselves

Written 5/2/08

Kyley received a lovely digital camera from e-bay for her award for winning battle of the books. The camera also has video capability. Note: the following video may scare young children and small animals.

PARENTING 101 Lesson 1: Teach Them To Be Themselves

Quality Time

Written 5/2/08

I have not updated in quite some time, but that is because of all the insanity raising 7 kids requires. I was about to say that nothing too interesting has happened around here but then I remembered that our lives are interesting simply because there are SO MANY of us.

Andrew went back up to Duke for a vision exam. They had told us in Charlotte that there was nothing that they could do about his vision, but after finding so many differences between Duke and Charlotte we decided to get a second opinion on that. Unfortunately they said the exact same thing. There is nothing that they can do about the vision issues. His eye has nerve damage, and the nerve is actually a different color in his “bad” eye. So no vision out of that one. His “good” eye is still not going to be affected by using glasses, they said that his is not a near or far sighted problem, but a focus issue.

I kept the boys home from daycare last Fri. because I didn’t have to work, and wanted to spend some quality time with them. During our quality time, I was in my bedroom watching Dr. Phil and they were in the living room watching Dora. Joshua threw a toy at Jacob, hitting him square in the middle of the eyebrows causing an intense amount of blood, tears, and guilt. I found Josh hiding under Brooke’s bed, I wanted to hide under my own bed, and even Dr. Phil felt bad. I rushed him to the ER, where they glued his gaping hole into a tiny scratch.

Unfortunately, the other boys at daycare can’t seem to resist reaching out to touch the purple circle in the middle of his eyebrows, but it should fall off on its own in a couple of days.

Rainia does have to have the tubes put in her ears, and she was x-rayed today to see if she also needs to have her adnoids removed at the same time. She seems to be very excited at the prospect of having surgery, and I for one, can’t wait to be her caretaker during the recovery process, because I love how she needs me EVERY 2 SECONDS when she has a cold.

Selective Hearing

Written 4/21/08

Conversation with Brooke and her soccer coach today after the game:

Coach: "You have a natural kick, and a good dribble. But when you get in the game you act like you don't know what's going on. You act confused, like you don't know which way to go."

Coach walks away.

Brooke: "Did you hear that? He said I was good."

Me: "Uummmmm. Yeah."

There's no place like home

written 4/20/08

Kyley and Andrew arrived home safe and sound at 9:oo last night. Right on time. We spent the next couple of hours looking at their pictures and talking about their trip. We are all very glad to have them home all of the kids missed them very much.