Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Feeling Guilty

You might be a bad mommy if...

You hide in your bedroom with your laptop while they take over the house.

You go out for dinner with your husband and bring home pizza.

You get much more excited watching your dog play than your kids.

You would much rather take your kids to the park that your dog can go to with the lake than the one that has the cool play area.

...So you visit that one much more often.

If there is no blood involved than you dont want to hear it.

Your kids do their own laundry....If the're over the age of 10.

You like to call the brown spot in your son's hazel eye a "shit spot".

You have told your daughter that her gift is "being social"

You have had milkshakes and cookies...for dinner.

You laugh at the way your kid talks.

...Even though he's in speech lessons.

Your kids laugh hysterically when they fart.

Walmart is their favorite store.

...Unless the're 6. Then they love the dollar store.

And finally, you might be a bad mommy if...

Your kids think that twizzlers are made out of the dolphins caught in tuna nets.