Sunday, November 30, 2008

The New Kid

Introducing Precious! She is not actually staying with us like I thought she would be, but she is spending a LOT of time with us. And she fits right in.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Kylelyn Jade Underhill

turned 12 on November 26th. In this post you will find 12 pictures of her, 12 random facts about her, 12 of her favorites, and 12 things that I adore about her.

12 Random facts about Kyley:

12) She enjoys privacy more than anyone else in the family.
11) She is extremely academically gifted.
10) She loves to sing. And is good at it.
9) She collects Nutcrackers.
8) She has a fly-away pinky toe. Seriously, the space between that toe is ridiculous. She can also pinch things with her toes and pick them up.
7) She is a very light sleeper. If you open the bedroom door in the morning, she jumps right out of bed.
6) She has a passion for reading, science, and politics.
5) She enjoys videography, writing and directing short films.
4) She writes poetry.
3) She is extremely sensitive. Her passion, love, sweetness, and intelligence have come together to create a girl incredibly sensitive to her own feelings and the feelings of everyone in her life.
2) She has an overwhelming love for animals, and has been a vegetarian for 3 years.
1) She is the weirdest person I know.

12 of Kyley's favorites:

1) Favorite Color = Dark Green
2) Favorite Song = "Fall For You" by Second Hand Serenade
3) Favorite TV Channel = Sci-Fi Channel
4) Favorite School Subject = Language Arts
5) Favorite Animal = Horse
6) Favorite Season = Fall
7) Favorite Gemstone = Jade
8) Favorite Food = Sushi
9) Favorite Book = Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows
10) Favorite Movie = Phantom of the Opera
11) Favorite Career = Author
12) Favorite TV Show = Ghost Whisperer

12 Things I adore about Kyley:

12) Her intelligence. She amazes me on a regular basis with the things that her brain can process and the genious amount of knowledge she has.
11) Her good behavior. She is so good. All of the time. The worst offense she commits is if we catch her reading after "lights-out" time.
10) Her good nature. She is pleasant, and fun to be around, and rarely argues with anyone in the house.
9) Her sense of self. She never follows the crowd. She knows who she is, what she likes, what she believes in, and is not afraid to be herself. Even if it goes against the status quo.
8) Her fearlessness. She is so brave, standing up for what she believes in (see number 9.) but it goes even further. She will sing loudly in chorus, stand up on stage in talent shows, Try out for school positions, and speak up in class, asking and answering questions, even if she isn't sure of the answer.
7) Her ideals. Her sense of fairness and equality are so noble. She is the most just person I have ever met, even if that means self-sacrifice for the greater good. She would never cheat in a game to win. Things have to be fair for Kyley and the people around her. And she gets very upset if the're not.
6) Her passion. She carries her passion for the things she feels strongly about to the highest level. If it's within her power to do it, it will be done.
5) Her compassion. And empathy. She truly feels and thinks about others. I don't know how she holds it all in that amazing heart of hers. It must hurt with the amount of sorrow and love she feels for other people and animals.
4) Her curiosity. She wants to know about everything. There is not a topic that she finds boring. She is much more entertained by the history, and discovery channels than VH1 or Disney, which is what people her age watch.
3) Her beauty. Yes people, unlike Kyley I am a little bit superficial. And oh my god, my daughter is gorgeous. Looking at her sometimes brings tears to my eyes because I can't even believe that I helped create this perfect creature.
2) Her sense of humor. Her keen intelligence enables her to be so incredibly funny, coming out with these witty remarks that just crack us up. She has a sarcasm that anybody can adore, and a comeback for every comment. You know how you think of things after-the-fact, and have this "Oh I should have said that" moment? Well she actually SAYS it, on the spot. She is just so funny.
1) Her extreme weirdness. Face it, we are all weird. But Kyley is not afraid to be herself. She is just so silly and fun. I adore her.

Happy Birthday Kyley. I thank God for you everyday. A lot of people would say that eighteen is too young to have a child, but it worked for us baby. You were the beginning of my life. I can't even imagine where I would be if it weren't for you. Because of you, I am who I am. Everything I have ever done good in my life is for you and because of you. We have been through a lot you and I, and I owe my life to you. You saved me. I became what you needed, and to this day, as your needs change, I become a stronger, better woman as I try to fill them. Trying to be the person that you need me to be has created me, formed me, and I am so grateful to you. Thank-you Kyley.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Rain

My dearest Rainia,

This post is coming a little late, because after your birthday, we all immediately got sick, and have been in bed until today. By all of us, I mean everyone except for Rick, Brooke, and Andrew.

My sweet, sweet girl,

You turned 10 years old this year. TEN!!! I cannot believe how the time has flown. You had a growth-sput this year, and are no longer the shortest kid in your class. (You are the 2nd shortest) You take a girl's sz. 8 in clothes, and you LOVE to wear dresses and skirts. Every year you have asked me to cut your hair short (somewhere in between your chin and ears) except for this year. You asked that it grow-out until the wedding. You like for me to curl your hair, and were so excited when I recently put subtle highlights in it. At 10 years old, you love HighSchool Musical. Your favorite character is Corbin Bleu's character. You have poster's of him in your room:

Your room is also plastered with posters of Chris Brown and the Jonas Brothers:

You love to play internet games on your computer, and also love your myspace page. You are extremely creative, you love drawing, painting, crafting, and making amazing things out of nothing with Brittney. As an example, the two of you recently made a new outfit for every Bratz doll you own out of toilet paper. But your favorite toys at 10 years old, are your Bratz, and your Baby Alive dolls:

Your favorite food is spagetti, and you say that you don't like cheese, although you love to dump it on your spagetti in the form of parmesan. You also don't like mashed potatos (What is wrong with you girl?) Your favorite color is, and has been for as long as I can remember, red. You love your cheerleading lessons with Brooke, and you love music and dancing. Your favorite song is "Say Goodbye" by Chris Brown. You love your cat, Pheonix.

You do well in school, not just academically, but you are also helpful. So much so that you were recently awarded the "citizen of the month" award.

You don't really enjoy reading though, you would much rather watch Disney Channel. Your best friend is Jazmynn, and she has been since you were both in kindergarten. You have a sleep-over with her at her house or ours almost every weekend. Your true soulmate though, is Brooke, and the two of you often disappear together. You can be found on the trampoline, not jumping, but laying together looking up at the clouds talking for hours. Or in our woods, taking pictures of each other, and building forts.

You are such a bubbly, energetic, happy, loving member of this household. When you get in trouble, it is for telling people what to do. Your nickname is Lil Mama, because you just can't help yourself, you HAVE to put your 2 cents into everything. You need to tell everyone what they should be doing, including Rick and Myself. If we take too long at the store, or if we need to go somewhere for the business, etc. We know that you will be the only one calling us from your Grandma's house to find out what we are doing, when we will be home, and do not forget (insert what we should not forget here.) You love to keep track of everything on the family calendar, which is filled with your handwriting, writing down everone's appointments. Yes, those are your X's and hanwriting all over that thing.

You are so energetic, that when you talk, you bounce up and down, and my head follows your movement, so I am constantly nodding my head up and down while you are talking to me. (This must look hysterical.) You are always being told to sit down at the dinner table, because even while eating, you have so much energy that you would rather be standing. And then, after dinner, you spin, or practice your handstands in the living room. It is a normal occurance for me to tell you that I am getting dizzy watching you when we are in the same room. When we go to the store together, I hold your hand, and spin you around while we walk, because this is the best way to keep you entertained and keep you to stay with me. Internal dialogue: As I am writing this, I am realizing that this girl needs to be tested for ADHD. I have often thought this before, but it does not interfere at school or with her bahavior.

You are beautiful, and so sweet, and your smile and laughter brighten the hearts of anyone who meets you. I adore you RainGirl, and cannot believe that you are already 10.

Happy Birthday Baby! We love you more than words can say!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Guest Post by Rick

I thought I would write this guest blog post tonight because my darling fiance is under the weather, along with 5 of our children. (Help me make it through the night)

I may be a little bit biased but I think I have an incredible woman, not only is she beautiful and intelligent, she can handle a household of 9 people, find time to write her blogs, and help me in the office. She can also make time for her friends whether it be giving them advice on their relationship problems or helping them plan their wedding. I think I am a lucky man, and can't wait for this woman to be my wife.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Thank-you StatCounter

Dear StatCounter,

Thank-you so much. I needed the good laugh that you gave me this morning. Yes indeed, I needed it very much. When you told me that someone had found my site by googling "teacher or nurse boobs", I laughed out loud. The dog got scared, as my hackling laughter filled the room, but oh how I needed that good laugh. Imagine the surprise of that special person who was looking to fulfill their fantasies about the lovely bosom of teachers and nurses, when google sent them here.

Then, when you told me that someone else was sent to my site when they googled "bare-assed boys", I really lost it. I love you Stat-Counter. And google for that matter. I need to thank google as well. For indeed, I did write about bare-assed boys here. Not exactly what that strange person had in mind, but yes, I have boys, and oh how they love to be bare-assed.

So thank-you StatCounter, keep up the good work. Your entertainment value is priceless. I love you.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

So Frustrated Part Deuce

So I just went and had yet another conversation with Kyley about Mr Science teacher.

I have serious concerns about reporting Mr. Science teacher, because we live in such a very, very conservative, religious, republican area. I am almost positive that if I did contact Mrs. Principal about this, I would be the first and only parent to ever do so. Therefore, I am sure that nothing would come of it. Doesn't Mr. Science teacher need more than one complaint in his 70 years of teaching to change his ways? So this makes me feel like there would be ramifications on my kid. She already had a couple of rough days at school involving politics. The first was the day the students had their "mock" elections, which of course afterward they discussed who they mock-voted for, and she discovered that ALL of her friends thought she was crazy and stupid for voting Obama. The worst day though, was the day after the real election, where she bravely wore her Obama t-shirt, and was chastized, and had complete strangers angry at her for wearing it.

And it's not just Kyley. Poor Brooke got in a raging yelling match at school, 3 against 1, when she mentioned her views on being pro-choice. It went as far as her being called a baby-killer. It was carried on at home, when we found out that her own twin sister was one of the 3 kids yelling at her. Thank-God that my kids are so self-assured. After this happened, Brooke turned the whole thing into an essay for an assignment, on something that she was passionate about. The whole essay was about being pro-choice, and thankfully the teacher saw her passion and (even if she didn't agree) gave her the "A" she deserved.

Anyway, living in a more rural area, in the South, is hard for a girl from Vermont. And I would love for my kids to be able to hear all viewpoints on politics, to be exposed to many different cultures, and religions, and to make their own choices as adults. And these past couple of months really woke me up, because from the start I didn't think I was very political, didn't think that I was doing a good job trying to teach my kids my views. I even wrote it on this very blog somewhere that I am not very politically minded. But obviously I have done something, because in this sea of conservatism, where my kids are getting religious teachings in public schools, where my kids are being told regularly that everything I believe is wrong, they are listening to me. They are forming their own beliefs. A couple of them very strongly are forming beliefs and standing firm in them. All of them voted Obama in their mock-elections, even the kindergarten ones. And they don't all agree with me or each other about everything, but at least they are talking and thinking about the shit.

And that day that Britney had been in the group of kids yelling at Brooke? We discussed it, and we discussed the reasons they both felt the way they did. And then I naturally did what I do, and argued my pro-choice position, and I used the best debates for my opinion that I could think of. And just when I got Britney switched over to my side, I realized what I had done, and how it went against the big picture of what I am trying to accomplish with these kids, and I quickly switched it up. I told Rick I felt bad, and I called her back into the kitchen, and debated to the very best of my ability all the reasons why she should be pro-LIFE. And that night, I knew in my heart that that 13 year old girl new more about the issues surrounding pro-choice/pro-life than many adults. And she had heard both sides, until she was holding her hands over her ears saying "I can't take anymore!" and could now make her own informed decision.

So this is my goal. Not for my kids to be clones of my beliefs, but to be educated, and have their own beliefs. And I am SO blessed to be able to have a conversation with my 11 yr. old kid about her teacher, and for her to first of all realize and vocalize her opposition of having to hear his political views in the classroom. Then on top of it, I know that the reason it bothers her so much is because she has strong political views OF HER OWN, which are the opposite of his. I am just so blessed to be able to deal with this as a parent. It makes me cry the happy tears. I can only hope and pray that in the future I get to have to make more of these hard decisions. Decisions that make it so clear to me that my kids are turning out fucking incredible, and that no matter how stressful it feels in our daily life and how monotonous the days seem, and how they just seem to run into each other with all of our running around, there are some seriously awesome things happening in my household.

My kids are turning out exactly how I hoped and prayed that they would. So do I wish I was raising them in VT, where everyone thinks the same way I do? Yes, on most days I do. Do I sometimes feel like I am doing them a disservice by raising them here, where they have to deal with this shit? Absolutely. But my god, I cannot even express how successful I feel as a parent right now.

Which still leaves me with this bitter-sweet parenting decision. Do I report Mr. Science teacher to Mrs Principal, knowing that 90% (at least) of our area believes exactly like Mr. Science teaher? Do I risk the repurcussions on my kid as even if I do it anonymously the kid with the Obama shirt would be the one suspected? It is wrong. I know it is. I also know it is illegal. But it is also the way of life here. But, (smiling) not in this house.

So Frustrated

Dear Science Teacher,

Please stop telling my kid how much the country is in trouble now the Obama is president. Also don't tell her again how sick and disgusting gay marriage is. Also, Please stop telling her that the government has bigger things to worry about than the environment, and that it is stupid to be concerned with such ridiculousness. Also, you are a SCIENCE teacher. Did you have to tell her that evolution isn't true, and is just a ridiculous theory? I am getting ready to e-mail the principal.

We are the McFockers

Addressing Mama's comment on the previous "McSisters" post:

Tell Rick I like McBitches better!

Well, I did tell Rick, and he agrees. He says McBitches has a better ring to it. So I just need to say that this goes both ways. So what do you think his new name should be: McAsshole, McBastard, or my personal favorite, Rick McPrick?

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Which reminds me-

In our much younger days, while discussing our futures, Miss Kelly (Harley Bride) had mentioned to me more than once how she would want a "Mc" name when she gets married. Weird how things turn out. She is now Mrs. McElroy, and I will soon be Mrs. McQueen. We are McSisters. This is the most related we will ever be, as I will not be marrying her brother, nor will she be marrying mine (which of course, we have discussed in our much younger days.)

When I very excitedly told Rick about this amazing turn of events, and how we will soon be McSisters, he replied in true Rick fashion "More like McWhores". I love that man.

More Wizard of Oz Wedding

I tried to include lots of pictures that I am in, because I am self-centered like that.

For your entertainment:

First things first, Rick cuts my dress as soon as we get to the reception: