Wednesday, July 16, 2008


So I don't want to turn this into "the wedding blog" but I am already stressed and emotional to the point of crying, and we are only trying to chose a location. How am I going to do this?

Kyley had her last day of horse camp last Fri. She was very sad, and asked Mr. Jim (the owner) if maybe she would be able to ride on the weekends some time. Mr. Jim was very kind and told her yes, but unfortunately a couple had bought "her" horse. The horse that Kyley has been taking care of is Montana. He is a 7 yr. old paint. She has been riding him daily, as well as learning all of the horse care on him. She has gotten very attached to him, and is understandably upset that someone has bought him. Mr. Jim informed her that the couple would be taking him home, instead of boarding him, so she wouldn't be seeing him if she visited the barn on weekends. She cried, but had to pull it together, because the couple showed up at the barn to get him, and wanted to ask her about him since she is the one who knows the most about him. Imagine her surprise when she walked out of the barn and saw us. WE were the couple who bought Montana. Oh, and Mr. Jim exagerated when he said the couple was taking Montana home. Montana is in fact staying at the barn where people know how to take care of horses. Also, we didn't actually buy Montana, Rick traded him. We are in the South you know. Rick says that it was a good trade, because when the gas prices get even worse, he will be riding Montana to work.

This is Kyley's intense hapiness

Kyley and Rick. Tears of joy

Kyley, still crying, with some of the other "Barn kids"

Kyley and Montana


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The Secretary said...

OMG I am practically crying, this is so darn sweet! You guys are great parents!

Don't worry about wedding stuff, just go with what works out instead of trying to make something happen. In the end, all that matters is that you are all together. Trust me on this one! :)