Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Let them teach eachother

Hey All!!! We go up to Durham this evening. Andrew has a MRI early tom. morning, and then an appointment for us to get the results. We are praying that everything is OK. It's so difficult with his tumor to know what is normal and what isn't. He has had more of an "attitude", but is it from the tumor or is it because he just turned 11, and is testing the territory? He has had decreased appetite, but is it from the tumor, or is it because he's not going through a growth spurt right now? He did have a couple days of dizziness, but is it from the tumor? or did he have a little virus? We just never know. It's so scary to deal with this. Where his tumor is located, and the kind it is, eventually it will start growing again, and he will need to start chemo treatments. We just pray that the day is not today. Lets hope that the radiation is still doing it's thing, and we don't have to worry about more treatments right now.

I will leave you with a video of him, taken by Kyley without his knowledge. This is SO hilarius to us. He still has not regained full control of his right arm and hand, and he has a limp. All curtesy of the surgery. In this video, he shows that these things can have a distinct benefit.

Parenting 101 Lesson 4: What you can't teach them, let them teach eachother

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