Saturday, October 4, 2008


Kyley has serious skin problems. She has been diagnosed with ecxema, and she gets a nasty rash on her legs every June that goes away in Dec. She has recently come down with another rash. Unfortunately, this one can't be covered up with pants. This is us at the Dr.'s office. They finally referred us to a dermatologist, and I will let you know what they say there. So now she has 2 different excema creams. One for her legs, and one for this.



Mama to a diva said...

Poor Kyley!

Kristine said...

Oh, poor girl. That looks very uncomfortable. I hope the creams help.

The Secretary said...

My kid has that sometimes. When it gets bad, we use hyrdocortizone cream and you can also soothe it was an oatmeal bath. Looks like she is scratching it too, hopefully she can stop that. Good luck :)

picturelady00 said...

HI Heidi,

Its's Heidi! I am sorry to hear about her exzema! Ashley was diagnosed as a baby and it was awful at first but the creams do help!! I have been trying to reach you for a few days but I think I wrote your number down wrong. I have some numbers together for you for you wedding packages. Will you call me when you get a chance!
Thanks so much ,
Heidi AKA thepicturelady00