Thursday, October 9, 2008

THAT mother

I am sick. I have a terrible cold, and have been too tired at the end of the night to write anything.

I do want to talk about Rainia's elections, because I was so proud of her, and am THAT mom. 2 years ago, when Kyley was in 4th grade, Rainia's age now, she was also elected into student council. She was running for vice-president. We spent hours writing the perfect speech, and she delivered it flawlessly. I didn't know until I got there what the parents with older siblings already knew. The speech in elementary school doesn't matter.

There were students doing flips, students in costumes, and students throwing things into the crowd. There were students who brought their older siblings to do the speech for them, and students with music. It was a show like I had never seen. It had absolutely nothing to do with the position the kids were running for, and everything to do with the “awe” factor. So poor Kyley delivered her speech beautifully, but didn’t stand a chance.

So this year, with Rainia, I was prepared. We decided that we would spend a lot less time on the speech, and a lot more time on the tricks. Her sisters volunteered to help, and I left it to them. They are, after all, the professionals.

So they created a lift, and Kyley even went to cheerleading with them so that she could learn how to spot. (Safety first.) So when it was Rainia’s turn, they lifted her high into the air, where she balanced perfectly. I handed her the microphone, and she delivered the speech she had memorized. When she was done, they threw her up, and caught her flawlessly. It was beautiful.

How was I supposed to know that in the last 2 years since Kyley was there that the school had been working on getting the kids to stop doing tricks? How was I supposed to know that she would be 1 of only 2 students who did anything other than stand sweetly at the podium and read their speech? How I ask you, how? So I became THAT mother. The one who tries to get her kid to show-up the other kids. But, I tell you people, it was not my fault.

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