Sunday, October 12, 2008

Jake and Josh are six!

Dear Jacob and Joshua,

You turned 6 yesterday, and it was the best children’s birthday party I have ever attended, let alone hosted. Unfortunately, only 1 out of the 16 kindergarten friends that were invited attended. It was fine though, because we have 7 kids ourselves, and Brooke’s and Andrew’s best friends came, and your cousins Zack and Megan came. So including the girl from Josh’s class, there were 12 kids, and 7 adults. Not to mention all the regular barn people. We had it at the barn, and started with hotdogs and face-painting. Then, everyone took turns riding horses on the trail. You both dressed up like true cowboys, and had a great time. After the trail rides, you all went on a hay ride through the fields of horses, and were allowed to throw hay out to the horses, which made them follow you. Sadly, the hay ride was cut short, because there was a poor injured horse in the field, which had been shot by a real arrow! Oh-my-Goodness the excitement this caused at the barn. We all watched as the horse-men applied antiseptic to the horse, and cut and pulled the arrow right out of the horse’s leg! The horse was fine, but everybody was very sad that this happened.

The Invitation

A close-up of the wanted pictures on the invitations:

You guys in the yard right before we left for the party.

Jake took this picture with his new camera (Rainia getting her face-painted)

Jake took this pic. of Nick and Andrew who are WAY too cool to get their faces painted.

Cousin Megan getting ready to go on her trail ride

After the excitement of the injured horse wore off, we sang the birthday song to you guys, and everyone stumbled over the name part, because there are two of you. You both had your own cowboy inspired cake, and then we went out to hit the cowboy piñata. The piñata actually started its life out as a “Bob the builder” piñata, because I couldn’t find a cowboy one. But you guys are WAY too old for “Bob the Builder”, so Rick covered the Bob part in red wrapping paper, and then plastered it with cowboy stickers. It was so cute. Jake, you went first to hit the piñata, and didn’t even say a word when it swung back and hit you in the forehead with all ten pounds of candy. I would have never even known it happened if I hadn’t noticed the red knot pop up on your forehead. Josh, you went second, and then a couple other kids, but it was your big cousin Zack who hit that piñata like a baseball, and busted it open. You all ran to get the candy.

Josh blowing out his candles

Jake blowing out his candles

Close-ups of the cowboy cakes

A couple pics Jake took of the pinata

After the piñata, we went in to open presents and you guys were so excited. Josh, you impressed everybody, because Andrew’s best friend Nick gave you $5. And then your cousin Zack gave you $5. And you made everyone stop what they were doing, and you yelled “NOW I HAVE TEN DOLLARS!” We were impressed because you had added it up so quickly. After the presents, it was time for everyone to go home, but you didn’t want to go home, and Josh’s friend didn’t want to go home, so all the kids played on the playground while you guys, Raven, her Mom and I walked through all the barns to pet the horses. Jake, you woke up the pig by taking his picture with your new camera, right in his face, with the flash on. Then we ran out of there because he started making some VERY loud grunting noises.

Jake took this pic of Josh's friend Raven skipping to the barn

The pic. that woke up the pig

We all spent some time on the playground after that, and finally came home. We had a sleepover with us, plus Nick and Savanna, and I set up the tents for everyone to sleep in. You guys decided to come inside with us though, and Andrew didn’t sleep out there either. We had a big campfire, and roasted hotdogs. Jake, you actually burned your finger on the hotdog by touching it right after you roasted it, but you didn’t complain about that either. You are tough boy. Josh, you spent more time inside playing your new video games then you did at the campfire. First you got Rick to play with you, then you played by yourself. Finally, you got your Uncle Sky to play with you. You did spend part of the night out with us though, dancing to the music and roasting your hotdogs.

Unknowingly, I documented Jake's injury

A few pics Jake took

Jacob, your favorite gifts were the digital camera from me and Rick, and the boots from Grandma. Josh, your favorite gifts were the “Speed Racer” video game from me and Rick, and the “Basketball” video game from Uncle Sky.

I love you guys SO much, and I can’t believe that my babies are so old.

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Kristine said...

What a great day. I bet everyone slept really well that night:-)