Friday, January 23, 2009

Vocab Lesson

Oh-yeah, I almost forgot. I totally meant to write about this earlier. We have a new word in our house, and I LOVE it. (I am so weird). It was created, by Joshua, at some point early on in our trip. daa-da-daaaa.....ScootchaBootcha. Yes, I think that this is some combinatation of scoot, and booty, two words I have been known to say. Anyway, ScootchaBootcha, as in move over.

Like "I'm squished, will you please scootchabootcha?"

Or more realistically, "I was hewre fuwst! Scootchabootcha!!!"

So now, everyone in the family is using this word. Much cuter to hear the 6-yr-olds say it then say, Rick, but gotta love the word none the less.

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