Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A break from M-A-W?

I am wondering if anyone is bored with the MAW trip posts. I definately have to post them, because, as you know if you have been following me, the whole purpose of the blog (besides free therapy) is so that the kids can read it when they are older, and remember the insanity excitement of their childhoods. I have though, been posting them over at another page I created specifically for the trip. So my question is, do I keep posting them here, ignoring, until I finish, the usual daily thoughts complete with Jakeisms, one-liners, and being mistaken as a prostitute? Or do I just post the link to the Make A Wish trip page for those who want to read it, and carry on with the usual Doodlebelle crap? So go ahead and vote. I am seriously asking for comments here. If you choose not to comment, I will be forced to try and make a decision on my own, and you all know that I make crazy decisions like trying to get in shape.

Also, while you're commenting, how about telling my husband-to-be to stop picking on me about the whole spiderman thing. I mean seriously, any hot-blooded girl would have reacted exactly the same way in the presence of a red and blue super-hero in tights, right?


Kristine said...

I vote a big yes for keep posting the MAW updates. They are wonderful and although they make me tear up I am also very happy for you and your family for getting the opportunity.
Spidey is hot by the way.

Mama to a diva said...

Keep posting them girl!!! I forgot about your being mistaken for a prostitute, that was one of my favorites. I literally choked on my Dr. Pepper while reading it!

doodlebelle said...

Oh yeah- the prostitute thing. Good Times. Good Times.