Friday, January 23, 2009

Coming Soon

I am trying to get day 4 posted. It takes a while to go through the pics, choose which ones I am going to post, edit, crop, and compress, and then upload them. Plus I have been spending way too much time with my wireless guitar hero guitar.

The People have spoken.

At least that is what I told Rick when we were discussing the price of the Sea World photos. In true Rick fashion, with his Southern Manness and his MANwiches, he said all in one breath, "The people can't tell us what to do, What did they say?" And then we discussed the benefits of asking complete strangers for advice. (I did post the question in more than one place.) So we both agreed with 'The People', and $68.39 later, in 4 to 6 weeks we will be receiving 10 pictures on a CD. Plus one print. They asked me what print I wanted, and because I couldn't see the thumbnails very well, I asked them to choose the one that had the boy in the grey hoodie looking the happiest.

Also, you're not fooling me honey. You might drink the beer, but I know you prefer the girly drinks when I break out the blender.

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