Thursday, February 5, 2009


Conversation in the car today after school=

Josh: MawMaw an me have a secwet an I cant tell NO ONE!

Jake: MawMaw and me have a secret too. I can't tell no one too.

Josh: I will tell you my secwet if you tell me yours.

Jake: OK.

Josh: You can't say you don't bewieve me, cuz it's twue.

Jake: OK.

Josh: MawMaw said that I'm Abbie's special guy. An when I'm at her house I can take care of Abbie.

Jake: No she didn't.

Josh: Hey! You Lied! You said you was goin ta beweive me.

Jake: That could'nt be YOUR secret, cause that's MY secret! MawMaw said that Abbie loves me so much. And I can take care of Abbie when I'm at her house!


The game is up. How long did those secrets last? Did you REALLY think that they wouldn't find out? And why doesn't anyone want to take care of the dogs that we have in OUR house? Is your dog that much better than ours?

Conversation at dinner tonight after 5 out of our 7 kids have eaten seconds, and Rick has gotten up to eat the last bit out of the pot with the serving spoon.

Kyley: Can I bring the rest of mine over to Grandma's house? When I told her what we were having she asked if she could have some.

Me: Why didn't you say something? We could have fixed her a plate!

Kyley: Well, she said to wait and see if there was any left over.

Me: Ky! We had enough to fix her a plate!

Kyley: Well she said to go ahead and have seconds and whatever.

Me: Josh! Jake! Stop eating! (Scraping everyone's left-over food into a bowl) Oh My God. I can't even believe I'm doing this.

Rick: We feed MawMaw our scraps?

Dear Mom,

I shouldn't have done that. Sorry. Did you like your dinner?


morewineplease said...

This has my laughing so hard that my husband is ACTUALLY curious to what I am reading!

Mama to a diva said...

Ohh, that is hilarious. What was for dinner?

doodlebelle said...

Hehehe...It was a lovely casserole. Surely she didn't know she was eating scraps. She got a lovely mixture with macaroni, some tuna, some peas, a little bit of saliva. Yum.

Cristin said...

That is so awesome... feeding Maw Maw scraps...

greygillfish said...

STILL LAUGHING! You are too funny!

Kristine said...

LOL, holy crap that was funny!

Krissi said...

I am seriously laughing my ass off at this post... "we fed Maw Maw our scraps" too freakin funny!!

sunderhill said...

You are out of your mind!!

Mama to a diva said...

So Mom reads your blog I see!