Sunday, February 1, 2009

Um, You're 6. Why can't you dress yourself?

We went to a birthday party today at an indoor playplace. The kind with the human hamster tubes. You have to take your shoes off in the hamster tubes.

Me: Josh, go find your other sock in the playplace.

Josh: It's not in da pway pwace.

Me: Well, where is it then?

Josh: I onwy wore one sock today!

At least when they leave the house without underwear, noone knows it. Well, I take that back. Sometimes others do know when they don't wear underwear.

Dear Jacob,

You are gorgeous. Incredibly good looking. You make my heart fill with joy when i look at your face.

Do you think I could have my eyelashes back? Oh? Mine never looked like that? You are a BOY. You don't need them. Can I just have them?


morewineplease said...

Oh this is too funny... it does not stop either, my 9 year is still doing stuff like wearing a red sock and yellow, just b/c she cannot find a match...

YUP! Those are some nice lashes!

Cristin said...

Both my kids have gorgeous lashes... no fair.

Thanks for reading my blog and saying such nice things!