Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Changes, changes.

We have been busy. Very busy. This is a non-stop time for us, with the wedding stuff, back to school, and work. We made a VERY important decision that I am excited about. We have decided that I will not be going back to my school job this year. I love my job, and I love the extra income it provides, but the hours just don't work for our family. Last year (and the year prior) I wasn't getting home until 6:30 at night. 8:00 on field-trip nights. My girls were in after-school daycare, and the boys were in all day daycare. Rick would leave the shop at 2:30 to get Andrew and his girls were in an after-school program. He would actually lock the doors of the shop for an hour, and then take Andrew back with him. Then, he would leave again at 4:45, get Brooke and Brit at 5, and Ky and Rain at 5:30. I would get off work and get Jake and Josh, meeting the others at home.

With the boys going to kindergarden this year, we have decided that the best thing will be for me to work at the shop during the day, and leave at 2:30 pick up Brooke and Brit, and meet all the other kids at home, who will take the bus. I will be helping them with their homework, and hopefully that will take care of the issues we had last year with some low grades. Rick will not have to close the car-lot in the middle of the day, and no kids will have to go back to the car-lot to sit. Although I will miss the income, I am very excited to be spending the extra time with my kids.

We are putting "all of our eggs in one basket" so to speak, and hoping that the car-lot will support all of us. But with the wedding approaching, it is time to let go of the single-parent thing that I have been holding onto for so long. I finally feel like I don't have to do EVERYTHING. It's really a win-win decision for everyone, especially the kids. I will be able to focus a lot more time and energy on them, without having to work to support them.

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Mama to a diva said...

Good for you! I am sure your decision will be an excellent one for the whole family.