Sunday, August 3, 2008

I swear they love each other!

A conversation I overheard today between Jacob and Rainia

Jake: I'm gonna wear a suitcase in the wedding. And a tie.

Rainia: You're going to wear a suitcase?

Jake: Yeah, it's black. And a tie.

Rainia: Oh, you mean a SUIT.

Jake: And a tie.

Rainia: Well, I'm gonna wear a tiarra, because I'm going to be a princess.

Jake: You gonna be a ugly princess.

Rainia: Well, you're the ugliest troll in the world.

Jake: Is my teacher gonna be nice at kindergarden?

Rainia: You're teacher's gonna be SO nice. If you say I'm the prettiest princess in the world you can play with my slinky.

Jake: OK. You're the pretty princess.

Rainia: In the world.

Jake: Oh never mind.