Sunday, August 24, 2008


A Little background info. before you read this story:

Josh pulls his teeth out. Before they are ready. He must have an incredible pain tolerance, because I'm not talking about they are really loose, and he gives it a little pull. I am talking about AS SOON as he gets a loose tooth, he rips it out. He creates a hole in his gum, and it bleeds. a lot. He has done this 3 times. He clenches his eyes shut, grunts, and rips it out. Jacob doesn't do this. He is normal. If Jake gets a loose tooth, it takes probably 2 weeks from the first notice of jiggle, until the tooth is ready to come out. Josh goes 3 days, tops. The particular tooth in this story was not ready to be loose. He slipped in the dining room, and hit his mouth on the table. His gum started bleeding, on the side of this one tooth, and the tooth gave the tiniest little wiggle.

We had 5 orientations in 1 evening. At elementary school, grades 1-5 orientation was at 5:00-6:00pm. Kindergarten was at 6:00-7:00pm. Middle School orientation was also 6:00pm. I dropped off the boys' kindergarten physical papers at elementary earlier in the day. I explained that we had Middle school orientation at the same time, and the secretary told me that she would post class lists at 4:30. That is what orientation at elementary is. They post the class lists, and then everybody rushes the list, finds their kids name, and finds the teacher's classroom. Then, you hurry to the classroom and assault the teacher introduce your kid. If someone else gets to the classroom first, you push them onto the floor wait your turn.

So, I was told that they would post the lists at 4:30pm. We thought we would have enough time to navigate through the crowd at elementary school, and still get to middle school in time. We all put on our jogging shoes to prepare for our amazing race, and got to elementary at 4:20. Guess what? They didn't post the list. So we waited. Josh got restless, and asked me to pull out his tooth. I felt it, and it had a very slight jiggle, so I told him no, it was not ready, and please don't pull it out. Then the kids went to play on the playground while we waited.

We were sitting on the bench in front of the office, and Kyley's/Rainia's Kindergarten teacher shows up. She tells us that she has Joshua, and we laugh, because when Kyley was in her kindergarten class the boys were born and she brought them in for "show and tell". Now, 5 years later, she has one of them in her class. She tells me that she thinks I did the right thing by separating them. She goes into the kindergarten building, and Rainia comes running up to tell us that Josh's mouth is bleeding. A lot. Josh is right behind her, smiling, with a very bloody mouth, holding his tooth. There is nothing I could do about it now, so I find an envelope in my purse to put his tooth in, and Kyley takes him into the bathroom to wash him up. They go into the gym to play, and Josh his tooth out of the envelope and loses it. He was very upset, so they help him look for it, but can’t find it.

At exactly 5:00pm, they post the class lists. By some miracle, 4th grade is posted right behind where we are sitting, and we quickly locate Rainia’s name. She is SO excited, because she gets the teacher that she wanted. Kyley’s last year teacher has moved from 5th to 4th grade, and Rainia is ecstatic that she got her. We are one of the first people to get to her classroom, and we don’t even have to fight anyone to talk to her.

We head to the Kindergarten building, and I am pissed, because they have it locked. Rick leaves me, Rainia, Jake, and Josh at elem. School, and heads to Middle school with Andrew and Kyley. I am sulking, and know that I have to wait 45 min. for Kinder. building to open, so I take the kids into the gym to run around. I look down, and there is Josh’s tooth.

Finally, 6:00 rolls around, and we meet the boys’ teachers. Jake has one that I don’t know, which is weird, because this is my 7th year at elem. School. We head over to Middle sch., and there is a line down the block to get in. Rick is already inside, so I don’t wait in line, I go in the out door. When I get inside, I see what the line is for. Yes, the class lists. Another amazing race. I elbow my way over to the list, and find my kids’ names. Yes people, I am a line-breaker. I am looking for the classrooms when I spot my very tall fiancĂ© over everybody’s heads. Yeah! He says they have already met all the teachers, and I am disappointed, plus have a habit of needing to hear things first hand, so they get to meet their teachers twice, and guess what people, there posted on the board, is ANOTHER supply list. Just when I thought I was finished, MORE school supplies.

Andrew only has 2 kids that he knows in his homeroom, which concerns us, but as I am talking to the teacher I realize that she is a REAL teacher. Yes, CrackWest Middle School has REAL TEACHERS!!!! She seems very kind and sort of goofy, which I just love. Then we meet Kyley’s teacher, and she is in all classes with AIG kids. In elem. Sch. She was taken out of her normal classroom once a week to go to AIG (academically, intellectually, gifted?) And now in middle school, she will spend all day, every day in higher level classes.

So, all in all, we are feeling much better about our kids attending CrackWest Middle School, and they all can’t wait to start tomorrow. Sadly though, I was reminded that they do this phase-in thing for kinder., where half the class has a half-day and then the other half of the class has a half-day. So the boys have a half day on Wed., and then start regular school on Thur., and I was SO looking forward to my not having to be with kids all day everyday starting on Mon., and now I have to wait 3 more days for my break.

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