Monday, August 25, 2008

I had a Job?

6:30- woke up after a restless night of Jacob not sleeping and a stupid cat using our window as it's door.

6:45- took out Rainia's curlers she slept in which was a DISASTER!!! Put her in the shower to relax the afro

7:00- braided her hair instead

7:30- Left the house

7:50- Dropped off Brooke and Brittney

8:00- Dropped off Kyley and Andrew

8:15- Dropped off Rainia (LATE)

8:25- Got back home

8:30- Said goodbye to Rick

9:00- Called Dr. office to reschedule the time of Josh's suture removal

9:05- Fed boys

9:30- Bathed Boys

10:00- Dressed Boys

10:15- Searched for insurance card

10:30- Left for Dr. Office

12:00- Left Dr. Office

12:30-1:15- A very nice lunch with boys

1:30- Went to shop to talk to Rick

2:00- Arrived home, checked my e-mail, and quickly posted an update

2:30- Left to go pick up kids

2:50- Stuck in car-pick-up line for 25 minutes

3:15- Get Kyley and Andrew

3:30- Get Brooke and Brittney

3:50- Arrive home

4:00- Homework, snacks, signing papers, talked about days.

5:00- Cook dinner, eat

6:10- Leave for Cheerleading

6:30- Drop Brooke, Brittney, Rainia off at Gym

6:40- Arrive at Barn with Kyley

6:55- Wash a big, stubborn horse

7:45- Finish with the grooming and saddle-up a big, stubborn horse

7:55- Laugh as Kyley tries to control a big stubborn horse.

8:15- Leave barn

8:25- Arrive at Gym and laugh at our girls enduring physical torture

8:30- Leave Gym

8:50- Arrive home

9:00- Read Story to boys and sit in their room waiting on them to fall asleep.

9:30- Say goodnight to other kids and go back into boys room to sit and wait (with this trusty laptop) on them to fall asleep.....

Someone tell me why I was looking FORWARD to this!!!!!

Oh yeah, and soft-ball tryouts start tomorrow for Brooke, and the boys want to play pee-wee football. Also, Josh has been referred for private speech therapy, which should start any day now. If I don't write anymore, it's because I ran away. Far, far away.

And, how did I do this when I was working?

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