Monday, August 25, 2008

They don't get no fine dinin at home

Josh got his stitches out today, and was talking to the PA the whole time she was taking them out. She said to him, at the end, "Do you know how unusual it is for a kid to get stitches out without crying or anything? You're tough." And then he said "That's cause I'm 45 pounds!" and then he said "Do ya want to feel how stwong I am?" and he made his muscle, which he likes to do.

Then we went out to eat, and Josh thought it was his special day, but really I was celebrating having 5 LESS KIDS!!!!!

We went to our local buffet, and Jake cracked me up by eating a whole plate of shrimp with cock-tail sauce, and then asking for another one. Then he by-passed all the cakes, cookies, candies, and ice-cream, opting instead for a bowl of hot-fudge. I started to tell him absolutely not, until he explained to me that he was going to go get strawberries from the fruit table to dip in his sauce. And I said "Boy, that is the best idea you have had all day." And then I joined him. He certainly doesn't eat shrimp or chocolate-covered-strawberries at my house, so now I know how he is living the good life over at Grand-ma's, and I'm jealous.

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