Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Y'all jiss don know haow t tawlk

Written 3/25/08

There is a day after Easter story that I can’t delve to deep into, because kids surf the internet. Anyway, I’ll just say that it involves Rainia finding stuff in our room, and my mother explaining to her that the Easter Bunny always leaves supplies for anyone who works in a school system to make baskets for other children just in case the Easter Bunny forgot to visit their house. Rainia, at 9 years old, had one of the saddest moments of her life. She barely spoke to anyone for the rest of the day.

On the flip side, I felt better today. But first I felt worse. I had to go back to work today, so I checked my school e-mail which I never do on my days off. I should make a point of checking it once in a while, because this was 9:30 am. Of course there was an e-mail from my supervisor saying that there was a mandatory staff meeting at 10:00 am. And do not be late. I have never washed myself so quickly in my entire life. I’m sure I missed some spots, but I put on a little extra perfume to make up for it. I wrapped my hair so tightly that when I took it down this evening it was still wet. I hopped out the door on one foot so that I could save zero seconds by putting my other shoe on in the car. I called Rick on the way to tell him my bum luck, and by the way, I may just run out of gas because the car is below empty. By the grace of God I didn’t run out of gas, and I was only 6 minutes late to the meeting.

This is how the whole day went. I got home at about 7:45 since it was a field-trip night. I honestly did not have time to feel depressed all day, and by the time I got home, the kids had already eaten Rick’s specialty. Rick’s specialty is Sloppy Joes. That’s what we called them up north. Around here, they are called Manwiches. I guess Rick thinks that it is ok to cook them, because they have the word “Man” in them. Because of that, I don’t argue the word. I like to argue the difference between Northern and Southern words, weiner instead of hotdog, y’all instead of you guys, and the one that really gets under my skin, toboggan. Where I come from, a toboggan is a kind of sled. Around here a toboggan is a hat. Since it only snows here once a year, and the snow is gone within hours, I believe that I have the authority over the difference between a sled and a hat. You cannot put a sled on your head! But I let Rick have Manwich, because that and soup are the only things he cooks. And the soup is questionable because last week when I was sick, I had some condensed soup WITH NO WATER ADDED. Lord was I glad to see those manwiches tonight though.

Rick says that it was a good thing that I had that meeting this morning, and had to work all day. He made the point that he would be depressed too if he had to spend the whole day in the house. Maybe he’s right. All I know is that I have a doctor’s appointment soon to talk about medication, and I am counting down the days.

Jacob and Joshua were play fighting today, which sometimes gets out of hand, but I was busy eating the best manwich in the world, so I didn’t stop them. Rick and I were sitting at the table when we heard Jake say to his twin, who is ½ in. shorter, but 5lbs. heavier, “You dont know kawate wittle kid.” We couldn’t help but to laugh.


The Secretary said...

That's why I remain anonymous :)

Sorry to hear about the ears and the sickness, I never knew how you handled all that you do, I just figured you were an angel or something. If anyone deserves to be blue, it's you. Don't be hard on yourself, I think you're incredible!

doodlebelle said...

That's been a couple of months ago. I'm feeling better now. It comes and goes. the more stress I have in my life, the crazier I get. If something happens, I take it HARD. I'm very emotional. I have been trying to get this blog caught up with my carepage. cut and paste, cut and paste, cut and paste.