Sunday, November 9, 2008


Things I have heard in my house lately:

Part of Josh's speech deficit is that all sounds with a G, K, or hard C, sound exactly alike. They all sound like a K sound. So for him, the words got and caught would sound exactly alike. They both come out like "Kot" So just imagine for me, if you would, all G's in the following sentence sounding like a K. And yes, we are VERY sick parents to have found this so funny.

Josh: "I got gum! I got gum!" "Why awe you yaffin? I yuv gum!"

Jake: I need a spoon.
Rick: Well go get yourself one. This isn't a restaurant!
Jake: (takes Rick's hand and drags him into the kitchen, and then points to the wall) "Look!"
Me: (laughing hysterically) OMG! He got you honey! Don't underestimate Jake.

Rick: Boy, that sign says Rest-Stop, not Restaurant! You better get your own stinkin' spoon!

After we saw this:

All the kids thought it was so cool. Then a classic Brooke moment

Brooke: But how did he get his hair to come out the top like that?

All the kids had to laugh, and then all of them tried to explain to her how it was a helmet. That it was made like that.

During a precious moment where Rick and I were alone in the car.
Me: Stop confusing me Bitch!
Rick: Will you stop calling my navigation system that? I LOVE her!
Me: Sorry honey, but what the hell is her name then? You are going to have to name her or I am going to keep calling her bitch.

And the best thing I have heard recently around this house is the word "Mom", spoken many times recently, by Andrew, describing me!!!


Mama to a diva said...

Okay, so as far as the GPS, I don't know about yours, but ours has names for each of the voices. DeRon's is "Mandy", but I call her Betty just to piss him off. I guess Betty isn't as sexy as Mandy.

doodlebelle said...

Bitch's new name = Glinda! lol!

Kristine said...

You not sick, that is funny. I thought I was pretty bad as well when Buddy very proudly told me had two balls and was grabbing for his seat. Turns out he had two balls under the seat. I couldn't stop laughing though.

doodlebelle said...

That's hysterical Kristine. When J&J were younger, Rick went through something where it always seemed that his man-town was a target! For some reason, he was always covering himself up and saying "watch the boys, watch the boys". I'll never forget the day in the bathtub when Jake told me he had to wash his boys. lol.