Thursday, April 17, 2008


Written 2/11/2008

More of the same good news today. We had a IEP meeting today at the school which included the doctor. I guess he is the Gaston County School Dr. because he has been at our IEP meetings before. when we updated him on Andrew's case, and explained that the cyst growing on his tumor had collapsed by it self and drained itself, he was very impressed. He stated that he had never in his career heard or read of that happening. Just more confirmation of how much of a miracle this was. We have an amazing God who has blessed our boy with a second chance. We know that if we had not cancelled the surgery, Andrew as we know him wouldn't be here. It is amazing the difference in Andrew's actions and personality since he got that cyst off of his brain stem. He is active again, like when he first came home from rehab. Like before radiation. The teachers mentioned, and we know it all to well at home, that it is so awesome to see him like this that we all don't even want to correct his behavior. Of course, we don't want to create a monster, but we find that it may just take a couple of seconds before we tell him to stop running through the house, or flipping onto the couch. It is just so good to see him doing these normal, everyday activities that we haven't seen out of him in a year and a half. Thank-you Lord.

In other news, Rick and Kyley are sick with a bad cold.

Jacob and Joshua cannot wait for t-ball to start.

Brooke has a pinata project at school, and I knew before hand that the boys (J&J) would be bothering her the whole time, so I said that they could make one, and the next thing I knew, we have six kids currently making pinatas. They have to dry between each layer, so I am making two large batches of paper mache every night. There are so many ripped up newspapers (25 - I got them from the school I work at) in the kitchen that it looks like a giant mouse house. We had pizza last night and McD's tonight because I can't get to the oven.

Got to go- company. More Later

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