Monday, April 21, 2008

Leapyear Updates

Written 2/29/08

Family updates


we went back up to Duke yesterday. We left in the morning after the rounds of dropping off kids. Fortunately, we didn't run into any traffic issues and arrived at our 1:00 app. at 12:55. Talk about cutting it close. They gave us great news. The PET showed very little activity in the tumor. Although they disagree with the treatment Andrew received in Charlotte, and are concerned about the side-effects, the radiation is working. As I already reported, the tumor has shrunk in size, the cyst caused by the radiation is gone, and Andrew is doing well right now. At this point, they recommend just watching the tumor, and Andrew, to see what the radiation is going to do. No chemo at this time!!! Unless Andrew shows symptoms, we go back in 3 months for testing.

They were concerned though, about the amount of secretions in his lungs. They explained that where the tumor is located on his brain-stem controls lung function, and when he gets a cold, it is and will be very difficult for him to cough out the phlem. They did chest x-rays to make sure that everything in his lungs right now is just phlem, not food, considering that the tumor lays on the nerves for the airway path and swallow. We know that his gag reflex is working right now, and pray that it continues to work, as the two months Andrew had his feeding tube were very hard and he loves to eat. So they will call us with the results of the chest x-ray, if there is any food, there would be an immediate end to his eating, a feeding tube placed, and back to shock treatments on his throat. We are confident that this is not the case right now. Rick and Andrew are so connected, he has proven time and time again that he somehow knows what is happening inside Andrew's body. It is amazing. We left with an antibiotic to help with any lung issues, if indeed it is just phlem. So, we are very pleased. This was fantastic news, and the Lord is so good to us, considering that just over a month ago, Andrew could not walk, was showing terrible symptoms, and we were prepping him for surgery.

Make-a-wish comes tommorow to interview Andrew. He is now saying that his wish is to go to disney. I don't know how long it takes to take the trip, but Andrew is doing better in the last month than he has in two years, so I pray the trip is soon, in case he takes a turn for the worse.


She is focused on getting her grades up so that she is not kicked out of the IB (Internationl Baccalerette) program. Since it is a magnet program, the school she is in is not in our district, so she would have to transfer to a different school. Although I deleted the posts about what she is going through, I do want to say that if you have a teen or pre-teen, I highly recommend getting their e-mail password and checking it periodically. Maybe nosey, your kid may get mad, but it is our job to protect them.


doing well, nothing out of the ordinary, beautiful, sweet, and funny as ever.


still studying for the upcoming county spelling-bee. Cross your fingers for her. This will be 3/11, and we happen to have a Duke trip the following day, so it will be her turn to go. A little break after all the stress.


sweet and sassy as ever, she is progressing quickly in gymnastics, and it is the perfect fit for her given how little and spunky she is. She has grown a bit this year, her sz.6 pants are finally a little short (she is 9).


Lord help us with that one. I don't know how he comes up with the things that he says, but his wit and sarcasm are way too advanced for a 5 year old.


He got his first visit from the tooth-fairy. He lost 2 at the same time. SO cute.

We are struggling with field-trips. Brooke and Brit $400 a piece, Ky and Andrew $300 a piece. Rick needs to go with Andrew, so another $300. So that comes out to $1700. A caring person at Andrew's school put $300 toward their field-trip. THANK-YOU!!! I will post later

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