Thursday, April 17, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy

Written 2-5-2008

Well, we have four appointments scheduled at Duke in the next couple of months. We have a Doc. app. with neuro-surgeon, and a MRI on Feb. 25th, followed by a PET scan on Feb 26th. On Feb. 28th, we go back for the results of these. Mar. 12th, Andrew has a neouro-psycological eval, which should help with the IEP meetings at school. So, we're very excited and nervous to be returning to Duke, but the transportation issues are beginning to arise.

Although the ride is only three hours, we need to stay up there on Sunday night, since his app. will be early Mon. morning, so that we don't hit any traffic issues. We will also need to stay up there Mon. night, as it doesn't make sense to come home and drive back the next day. (Cost of gas). So, we have decided that we will drive two cars up on Sun. night. Brittney will also be coming along. (Last time Rainia went). We will stay through the app. with Doc., and the MRI, and then Heidi and Brittney will return home to the other kids, school and work. Rick and Andrew will stay Mon. night for the PET on Tue. Then, they will return home to school and work. Thursday, Heidi, Rick and Andrew will drive back for the results, and drive home the same day. PHEWW. A Lot of figuring out who is where and a lot of driving. Our prayer request is that the MRI and PET scans show enough improvement that Andrew will not need to start chemo-therapy.

In other news, Andrew is doing well adjusting back to school. He is eligible for some home-bound services, which we have decided will be about three hours a week at the school (Since Rick and Heidi both work). His wonderful teacher, Mrs. Culbertson, has offered to be his tutor, keeping him in the classroom after school, and then transporting him to Rick's shop afterword. Yeah! He is also eligible for EOG tutoring one hour after school on Tuesdays. Hopefully he will be able to have enough strength and energy to go through the school day plus 1-2 hours after school. (Another Prayer request)

All other kids are doing well, although we have been having lots of discussion about chores since I, (Heidi) am at my absolute stress threshold, and if I find any more clean clothes in the dirty laundry that I have to rewash I will cry. laundry for nine people is impossible. Every time that I think I get the pile down, they clean their room, and in comes another truck-load.

All weddings plans have been put on the back-burner until we find out more about what Andrew will need, but it is a wonderful escape. After talking to doctors on the phone and researching astrocytoma treatments, after going to work and the grocery store then cooking dinner, after dealing with grades and homework, after bathtime and bedtime, and laundry, and laundry and laundry; how wonderful it is to escape into the world wide web of venue locations and dresses and cakes. It has been so fun to daydream and talk about receptions and lodging and of course the honeymoon. Can I stay at this stage forever? We don't even have a date, and thank God, because that would be more STRESS!!!

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