Saturday, April 12, 2008

Septic System

There is this show on one of the hundreds of channels of nothingness that I sometimes watch. It is called Dirty Jobs, and has a man Mike? Who goes around the country trying out the nastiest professions known to man. These are the jobs that No one wants to talk about or acknowledge, but are needed for our country to function properly. I once saw an episode where he was a sewer worker. I don’t recall exactly why they were swimming in the sewer, but they were. This was so revolting to watch that even though I don’t have HD, I could literally smell the putrid, vile, horrid, foulness seeping out of my television. I almost threw-up.

That is the vision I get when I think about my emotional state in the last month. The things I’ve been confronted with, they are the contents of that sewer. And I am swimming around in the stuff, holding my nose, trying not to vomit. So mostly I have been wading around at waist level, some of the time I was up to my neck in it, and for a couple of days it was over my head. I could actually taste it. I am here to report that right now, today, I am only in it up to my knees. And? I can see a spot ahead, somewhere in the distance when I will be on solid ground. I’m not positive what this spot looks like, but I know that it is there. And that is good enough for me.

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