Saturday, April 19, 2008

Worth the Trip

Written 2/26/08

Yesterday was back up to Durham. We drove 2 cars, Brittney and I in 1, and Andrew and Rick in the other. we spent the night at the hotel, and let Brit and Andrew play in the pool. Early this morning, we took the hotel van over to Duke for the MRI. It was a long one, as they were doing the brain and spine. Plus, Andrew kept coughing, so they had to take some of the pictures over. He hates IV's!!! After everything that he has been through, needles still bother him. Alot.

So, 2 hours later, we took the hotel van to another building for lunch and the appointment with doc. Grant to read MRI pics. We had to wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. But, it was worth it as Dr. Grant said he thinks that there is no need for chemo at this time. YEAAAAAAA!!!! Not trying to get overly optimistic though because he said that they still need to see the results from the PET tomorrow, but YEAAAAA!!! He said that the MRI from last month to this month has good improvement, which means that the radiation is still working. There is no sign of the miracaculous imploding cyst, which he said was probably a side-effect of the radiation. Thank-you God that it's gone. We did get some info. on the exact size and location of the tumor 4cm x 2.5cm x 4.2cm. This, compared to 6 months ago of 4cm x 3.2cm x 5.1cm. So, very good visit today.

Brittney and I drove home, while Rick and Andrew stayed for another night. They will go for the PET tomorrow, and come home. Rick, Andrew, and I will go back on Thursday for the results, and the visit with Dr. G (different then Dr. Grant)

Andrew's shunt moved during the MRI today, and it took a very long time to get it back on the right setting. Also, Dr. Grant refered us to the pediatric eye specialist up there to see if there is anything that they can do about Andrew's vision problems. We were trying to get it scheduled for the day after his neuro-psyc. in March, but they want to do it the following week, so, it looks like next month will have a lot of travel time and expense as well.

One thing that has been bothering us is that Andrew seems to be having some halucinations. He had a terrible fright a couple of weeks ago, but we thought that it was related to his fever, as he had a bad cold. Oddly, while up there in the pool with Brittney, the under-water lights were playing tricks on his eyes. He was pretty scared. So, we are going to mention it to Dr. G on Thur. just in case it is more than just his normal vision problems. Has anyone ever heard of this?

Well, I have a long day tomorrow, since I have to get the kids to 3 different schools in the morning, then go to the shop for Rick, then go to my job, which is taking a field-trip, and I wont be done until about 7:30. Hopefully Rick and Andrew will be home in time to do the rounds of picking up kids. If not, I will ask my mother and brother for help. I hate the days without Rick and Andrew, it reminds me of when they were in the hospital for 2 months.

I was going to stay home last night, because of everything going on with Brooke, and because of the inconvenience of taking 2 cars up there. but, I'm really glad that I went. I like to hear things directly from the doctors, and especially when it's good news.

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