Saturday, April 12, 2008

Cast of Characters

Who We Are:

I am Heidi, aka Doodlebelle. I am trying to figure out how to be a parent. I am also trying to figure out how to survive/defeat my past. I have full-custody of four great kids. I enjoy reading, dancing, singing loudly in the car, laziness, losing my shit, and pms-ing.

This is Rick aka Big Mac, aka The King. Every Queen needs a good King. He is trying to figure out how to be a parent. He has full-custody of three great kids. He enjoys playstation, sports, procrastination, freaking out, and talking before he thinks.

This is Brittney, aka Shyness. She is 13 yrs old, and is the twin of Brooke, and the daughter of Rick. She enjoys dancing when no one is looking, competitive cheerleading, blaming her sister, and completely ignoring her parents when they ask her a question.

This is Brooke, aka The Fearless Leader, aka Trouble. She is outgoing, funny and popular. She is 13 yrs old. She is the twin of Brittney, and the daughter of Rick. She enjoys shopping, her friends, 4-wheeling, sports, competitive cheerleading, getting in trouble at school, dating people her parents disapprove of, and arguing with her siblings.

This is Kyley, aka Berd, aka The Genius. She is Smart, funny, and extremely weird. She is 11 yrs old. She is the daughter of Heidi. She enjoys reading, horses, watching TV, and sighing heavily when asked to do anything.

This is Andrew, aka The Amazing Recovery Boy. He is 11 yrs old, and lives with brain cancer. He is the son of Rick. He is funny and amazingly resilient. He enjoys playstation, computer games, drawing, talking back, and trying to get out of chores and school-work.

This is Rainia, aka Sassy. She is the daughter of Heidi, and is 9 years old. She is bubbly, fun and affectionate. She enjoys playing school, being a princess, eating, competitive cheerleading, telling everyone else what to do, and bossing around whoever she can.

This is Jacob, aka Jake, aka Rotten. He is 5 yrs old, is the son of Heidi, and the twin of Joshua. He is funny, sarcastic, and entertaining. He enjoys action figures, bugs, dancing, being the center of attention, trying to annoy people, getting in trouble at daycare, and ruling this family.

This is Joshua, aka Josh, aka Prince Charming. He is 5 yrs old, is the son of Heidi, and the twin of Jacob. He is loving, sweet, and affectionate. He enjoys Computer games, Playstation, sports, singing, and mimicking other people to try to get a laugh.

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Mama to a diva said...

You are so clever and charming and blog savvy! I am so glad we reconnected!

Clio said...

That's a lot of twins and a lot of cheerleaders and it sounds like a lot of fun. Can't wait to read more.

Cristin said...

LOVE your descriptions of everyone!