Saturday, June 14, 2008

Rick broke the law

Rick broke the law. And I can deal with hate mail or hate e-mail. The weather is hot here. But, it doesn’t bother the kids, who play outside in sprinklers barefoot. A swimming pool is at the top of my wishlist, but we don’t have one. The kids play outside anyway. Sometimes, after dinner, Rick and I sit on our front steps while the kids do chores. It’s relaxing, and we get to talk without hearing mommy, mommy, mommy, MOMMY, daddy, Rick, Rick, Heidi, Rick, Heidi, DADDY, MOOOOOMMMMMMMYYYY!!!!

Yesterday we were sitting on the front steps, and Rick remarked that Crystal, Andrew’s dog, was acting strange. I looked, and sure enough, Crystal was acting strange. She was taking a step forward, and then jumping three steps back. Although it looked funny, and Crystal is the biggest chicken in the world, she had good reason to be afraid. There, in our driveway was a very large Rattle snake.

I started screaming, because that is my natural reaction to snakes or spiders. I quickly called crystal into the house. Rick remarked that he was going to the garage to get something to kill the snake with, which was met with more screams by me, because he had to WALK BY the snake to get to the garage. He did it, and all the kids watched from inside the house as he quickly be-headed the snake. I know, I know. How inhumane can we be? We were supposed to call animal control and let them come out and get the snake and take it to snake paradise or something, but I like to think that is where he is now anyway. Snake paradise.

We must truly be disgusting murderous people, because after it was dead, 5 out of 7 of our kids had to hold it, and The Genius decided that it was a good learning experience to dissect it. So let the hate mail begin. And in other news, did I mention that our kids play outside? Regularly? FEAR has struck this family, who chose to spend the day INSIDE where it is nice and safe.

Yes, I am aware of how red-neck this photo looks. Were not in VT anymore, were southern now.

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