Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Redneck Woman

Written 5/12/08

I’m back from my much needed break with my girl Kelly. I will share the highlight of my trip:

We were staying in this little town called Cayce SC, outside of Columbia. We ended up at this country nightclub in a BARN. They had a live band, and line-danced to every song. I was having a great time with the girls, talking and laughing at everybody else, when I looked at the dance floor and saw a girl in a full-length satin pink dress. I immediately turned to the girl next to me and said that she must think that she is at a hillbilly prom. We had a nice little chuckle, and when I turned my head back to the dance floor, there were 4 or 5 girls in the same pink prom dress. I was confused, because everyone knows that you don’t wear the same dress as someone else to your hillbilly prom. When I looked again, there she was. The Bride. She was in her beautiful white dress, her hair in a lovely updo with cascading curls. She was line-dancing with the well-dressed groom. Oh my Gosh! They actually had their reception in this public Barn dance hall! Is this shocking me because I am thinking about my own wedding? Am I just incredibly narrow-minded? Am I a yankee snob? I am suddenly feeling SO much better about the red-neck town that I live in, because I have never seen a wedding reception at our hillbilly dance club.

When I got home, my wonderful kids had decorated the house with lovely mother’s day streamers and hand-made cards. There was some kind of strange song playing from the computer about making them eat their veggies, and I was greeted with enough hugs and kisses to remind me why I love having such a big family. I was presented with a beautiful watch, which I desperately needed to remind me when to do the laundry. Rick made a lovely meal of frozen TV dinners, so that I didn’t have to cook. I spent some time with my own wonderful mother, and went to bed early. All in All, a very special mother’s day weekend.

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