Monday, June 23, 2008

New Mechanic

Dear New Mechanic,

I’m sorry that when you asked for a cash advance on your paycheck, that you didn’t realize it was actually a cash advance, meaning that you would have to pay us back, out of your paycheck. I realize that it was very interesting to you to learn how much a catalytic converter is worth. I understand that they use precious metals in making them, and that when Rick is going to junk a car, he sells the converters separately. Interestingly though, Rick ONLY sells the converters off of the cars that he is sending to the junkyard, because it is illegal to drive without one. Did you really think that it was a good idea to cut the converter off of your own car and sell it? I am so happy for you that you got a whole $250 for it, but now you need to spend $450 for a new one. We really have tried to help you out, but unfortunately we are not able to pay you in advance any more, as we have 7 kids, and cannot afford to keep you up for weeks at a time. We are more than willing to pay you for work that you actually do.



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