Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A Blind Witness?

Dear Guidance Counselor,

I understand that you did not see what happened. I would recommend that next time you choose a student to be your witness, you choose one who does not have vision problems due to a brain-tumor. Also, when he told you that he didn't see what happened, I don't appreciate you calling him a liar, and telling him that if he didn't start telling the truth that he would get suspended. Yes, he is seated in the front of the class, it is in his DOCTOR'S ORDER. This doesn't make him the class babysitter. Uummm, that would be the teacher's job. Where was she at? Next time you choose a witness, choose one who can see. And also, you are the GUIDANCE COUNSELOR. Is it your regular practice to treat kids like this? Seriously? Oh-yeah, one more thing, my fiance didn't appreciate you intimidating his son, and he also didn't appreciate that when I went into the school to explain the situation to you, you were in no way apologetic, and in fact, when I told you that Andrew couldn't see, your reply was "Well, can he hear?" He didn't do anything wrong. When you got there, he was still seated nicely in his chair. I can't even believe that you were threatening SUSPENSION because he didn't make a good enough witness for you. JERK!!!


Kristine said...

I don't even know what to say. What the heck kind of guidance counselor is that? Way to try and make the kid feel like he is responsible for whatever it was. Sounds like she did the exact opposite of what she should have done.
Lucky for him he has you to do what the crazy lady should have. Good for him for not getting involved in whatever happend and for remaining in his seat.

Mama to a diva said...

That is OUTRAGEOUS!!!!