Thursday, December 18, 2008

Pajama Mama

I am not a huge fan of pajama's. I don't actually have anything AGAINST pajama's, I just can't seem to justify buying them. At good ole Walmart, kids PJ's cost about $10. Adult PJ's cost about $20. So for us, with 3 kids in adult size clothing, and 4 in kid's sizes, we are looking at about $100 for PJ's, FOR ONE NIGHT! This is why I am a HUGE fan of wearing a t-shirt and shorts to bed. or maybe sweatpants. Yeah, sweatpants make for nice sleepwear.

But, today was 'Polar Express' day in kindergarden. They got to wear PJ's to school, and slippers instead of shoes. They got train tickets, and watched the movie, and drank hot cocoa. So off to Walmart we went, to buy some PJ's, and Oh. My. God. I can't even believe I have been missing out on this. These boys were so cute that I could have eaten them alive. I mean seriously, have you ever seen anything this cute in your whole life?

No, I did not have to ask them to hug each other, because that is what they ALWAYS do. They just love on each other all day. They never fight. Ever.

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Miss JC said...

Hey I'm Johnna. I found you via "The Road I'm On." The boys look so cute in their pjs! We have Polar Express Day at the school where I teach and the kids just go's so fun seeing them in their precious pajamas, but I'm like you, I LOVE wearing t-shirts and sweats to bed that are very multipurpose!