Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Crack-Town Christmas Parade

You probably didn't know that I am a parade Princess. Our whole family actually. Including precious. Unfortunately I don't have any pics of myself, Rick, or her, as we were sitting on our high perch. The best part was when the crazy horse Socks peed on the ground next to Rick, and it was so forceful that it splattered on his legs. The second best part was decorating the horses. The worst part was that we didn't actually get to see any of the parade except the people who were directly in front of us.

Kyley rode Montana, and Brittney rode Smokey. We decided not to put Snow in it, because she needs a little work. Mainly she needs brake pads.

Montana's butt. We got tree skirts for them, bows, and bells.

Smokey in her pretty bows. Brittney did a great job with these.

Here is Brit and Smokey. Check out these reins. I wrapped tinsel around them. So Cute!

Kyley and Montana

Our girls together

The HayRide. Check out Andrew and Jake's faces. They are so happy to be here. Did I mention that it was really cold? And we had to wait forever?

Finally moving!!! That is a long line of horses!

In this pic. I zoomed in from my perch as parade queen. See if you can spot Kyley and Brittney!

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