Monday, December 1, 2008

The Snow-Tree

We went to cut down our Christmas tree today, and I would love to show you all of the awesome pictures I took, only I don't have any. There was no memory card in my camera, and my camera holds a total of 3 pictures without a memory card. Plus, I don't even have the cord to get those 3 pictures from the camera onto the compututer.

It was so special though. We went to the same place we went last year, about 2 hrs. north, in the mountains, and it even snowed for us. We only get snow about once a year, so it was awesome for the kids. On the way up the mountain, we finally saw snow about 10 miles from where we were going. Josh was so cute, because everything he saw was newly named. instead of rocks, they were snow-rocks. He saw snow-trees, and snow-roads, and even snow-cars.

When we got there, the kids all ran out to play in the snow. Snow-ball fights, tastings, and lots of falling down. They finally got on task though, running through the trees, looking for our perfect Christmas tree. The kids kept finding the best, perfectly shaped trees, but the ones they wanted were 9 feet tall!!! guys, not this year. Although I wish we had the space for a 9 or 10 foot tree, that's not going to happen. Then we saw it. Rick actually spotted it first, but we all agreed that it was the perfect tree. 7 feet tall, and beautiful. We wasted no time. Rick got down and started sawing it, then every kid took a turn. They only lasted about a minute a piece, lying on the ground in the snow, and when all seven of them had a turn, the tree was all of 1/3 cut through. I took a hack at it, but then decided that it was much more fun to have a snow-ball fight with Josh and Brittney. So Rick stayed on the ground with the dull blade, and sawed and sawed until it fell.

The four girls proudly picked it up and carried it out of there. Then the kids all had to use the bathroom, of course, and the little Christmas store was closed because it was a Monday, so the owner actually let us all track wet muddy feet into his house so the kids could use HIS bathroom. Josh went first, and when he got out, he immediately took off his coat, and sat down on the couch, and ASKED FOR SOMETHING TO EAT! That boy is not what I would call bashful. I was embarrassed, but Rick laughed it off, and the guy loved it. We told Josh we would get McD's on the way home, and just when he was starting to take off his shoes, the last kid was finished, and we headed the 2 hrs. home.

Oh-yeah, and we're the coolest parents ever, we were even told we ROCK! Because we signed all the kids out of school early for our little field-trip. And in the school they asked why they were being signed out, and we told them they had an appointment, as soon as we got into the parking lot, we exclaimed "An appointment to go get a Christmas tree!" Brooke actually thought she was going to get a shot. But we were tricky about it. We waited until after 1:30 before we got any of the kids, because that way they would be counted as there.

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