Thursday, December 11, 2008

holiday busyness and vomit

Three holiday concerts...Brittney & Brooke's B-Day...Christmas Shopping for 7 kids...2 dogs...2 cats...2 horses...Holiday party coming up...Also something BIG...Tears of joy...It's a surprise.

And in other news, Rainia announced to me yesterday that we were the farting family. She also threw-up all over the floor of the stall at middle-school #2 during Kyley's holiday concert this evening. Why did she throw-up all over the floor instead of in the toilet? Because she was having to use the toilet at the same time. Poor, poor girl. And before we left she told me that her ear hurt. Who knew an ear-ache could be so severe? And I am the worst school parent ever, because when I tried to clean it up with little paper-thin brown school paper-towels, it didn't seem to work, and I almost vomited myself. So I genorously covered it up with the paper-thin school-brown paper-towels, and then coincidentally saw one of those yellow "wet floor" teepee things, so I set it up neatly at the door to the throw-up stall so that the middle school girls could be forwarned. Then I went to the office to tell them that I needed custodial assistance, only no one was in the office due to the concert. So we went back to the concert.

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Kristine said...

I think you were really quite responsible about the vomit. You found the sign, covered it up, and tried to find a custodian. That's a lot more than some people would have done. Also, those little tiny paper towels are not ment for that and the custodians have disinfectant sprays. If you managed to get most of it cleaned up it would probably take them awhile to find where it was to really clean it and get the smell out.
You did good.
That sucks for her though, poor girl. Hate it when it coming out both ends.