Saturday, December 6, 2008

X-Mas Recommendation

From the authority of a very large family, My 1st ever product recommendation:

If you need a Christmas gift that the whole family can enjoy, I suggest this:

We have the playstation 2, but I know that SingStar comes in every system. Singstar comes with 2 microphones, and then you can buy different versions. Kyley got SingStar 80's for her B-Day, and the kids loved it so much that they pooled their money together to get another version. They got 90's!!! The game is very easy, even if you can't carry a tune. It has the words to the songs, but also these bars across the screen that tell you if you need to be on a higher or lower note. This game also works for kids who can't read yet!!! If your kid is the type who sings along to the radio, they will be able to sing along to this game, and get high scores. ALL of my kids love it. You can sing alone, together, or against eachother. Also, the party game is so fun. It says up to 8 players, but we played the party game with 10 players.

And can I just say that seriously, there is nothing better than hearing your kids singing the songs that you loved when you were their age. I mean is your life really complete without hearing your 6-year-old tell you how much he loves "Ice-Ice Baby"? Or catching you 10-year-old singing "Wake me up before you go-go" while brushing her hair in the bathroom? And the best part? Hearing the man in your life belt out Blondie. Your children will look at him in a whole new light.

My only warning about this game is that if you have a job that requires you to communicate verbally, you should probably open it when you don't have to work the next day. This is just in case you sing for 16 hours straight, and then lose your voice. (Uuuummmm, Not that I would know from experience...I'm just saying.)

You might just find that you are suddenly interacting and laughing with your kids. And that your pre-teens and teenagers are saying "Go Mom! You Rock!" Or are giving you five as they turn to your husband and say "She BEASTED you Dad."


Mama to a diva said...

I totally need one of those.

doodlebelle said...

It is seriously the best game ever!!!