Monday, May 19, 2008

lactose intolerant

Written 3/1/08

Make-a-Wish called and asked to reschedule. The woman coming out has her daughter visiting for a surprise visit from Iraq. That was fine with us, because 9:00 on Sat. morning is a hard time for our bunch. By hard I mean still in bed.

I had Rick laughing about reading the post about Jake. He sure is a handful. Example-
"Mommy, is ask a cuss word?"
"No, Jake"
"Well, Andrew sure is a smart ask!"
"Jacob! you cant say that!"
"Why mommy? Is smart a cuss word?"

Or a recent conversation he had with Rick when he didn't get his way.
Jake: "I hate you!"
Rick: "Jacob that's not a nice thing to say."
Jake: "Well, then I hate milk, and YOU'RE milk!"

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