Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Written 4/2/08

Congratulations to my berd* and her team for winning 1st place in the Battle of the Books for the first time in her elementary school's history.

We got the results back from Andrew's neuro-psycological assessment. It is very interesting, but we are still trying to decipher it. Maybe we should have Kyley explain it to us?

They are getting ready to go on the outerbanks field-trip. Rick is definately not going, but now we are questioning that decision. They said there would be A LOT of walking, students have to carry their own luggage, they will need to wear sweatshirts and coats, shed them and carry them, etc. All normal activities, but things Andrew might struggle with.

Brooke has her 1st soccer game tomorrow, and then the boys start T-ball on Sat.

That's all I have to report for today, except that next week is spring break for our school system and I am SO excited. I need a break.


*berd- beautiful nerd

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