Monday, May 19, 2008

Mother of the Year

Written 3/7/08

This is my story from yesterday: I woke up with Rainia whining that her ear hurts, as I already posted, she stayed home from shcool on Mon and Tue. Wed she was fine, and went back to school coincidentally it was Grand-parents day, and she knew that my mother was going with her and taking her to the book fair. So Thur. morning, all of a sudden she was sick again. So, I wasn't having it. I told her that if she was well enough to go to school on Grand-parents day then she was well enough to go to shcool today. I told her that I was tired of her always trying to stay home, and that she was going to have to repeat 3rd grade from missing so much school. So, off to school she went.

Yesterday was also Brooke's special day. She is getting glasses, and it was time to get the full vision exam and pick out her frames. She, still trying to pull up her grades, decided to go to school in the morning, even though I had to pick her up at 10:00 for her app.

9:00am i received a call from Rainia saying that she was to sick to stay at school. I knew she wouldn't rest until I made her a dr. app. so I called her pediatrician, and they were able to get me in at 11:00, the same time as Brooke's app. fortunately, they happen to be in the same office building, 2 doors apart.

I pick up Rainia, then head over to Brooke's school. I tell Rainia that I'm so upset and if the dr. says that there is nothing wrong with her, she is grounded for the weekend. When I get to Brooke's school, Rainia stayed in the car and on the way out with Brooke, I tell her that Rainia's faking sick, and to go along with what I say.

In the car, we tell Rainia that the eye dr. probably wont let Brooke go in herself, and that her Dad is going to have to leave work and go to her app. with her, which would be terrible, because he would probably pick out the ugliest glasses in the world, thus ruining her life forever.

So we get to Brooke's app. early, I fill out all required paperwork, and she IS able to go into the app. by herself. I explain the situation, and that I will be 2 doors down at the pediatrician's office.

We got over to Rainia's appointment, and guess what? She has an ear-infection and allergies to the point that they recommend prescription medication. She even had a fever. 99.8, to low to catch with the old hand-on-the-forehead thermometer. So now I am feeling like the worst mother ever to exist on the planet. Sorry, sorry, sorry I keep on saying. "See Mommy, I told you my ear hurt" (she is just beaming as she says this, right in front of the dr.) Oh-my. I am not winning the mother of the year award this time around.

We go out to lunch, at Rainia's favorite restaurant, not fast food, maybe as a little sucking up to hasten her forgiveness. We pick out Brooke's glasses, very cute. All of this before 2:00, then it's drop them off at home, and off to work for me.

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