Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Who needs the Gym?

Written 3/9/08

There is NEVER enough time to do everything. This is what Rick and I did all day: moved furniture. That's it. Didn't have time to do laundry, didn't have time to give the kids haircuts (which they desperately need). didn't have time to clean house. Nothing just moved furniture, grocery store, dinner, homework. I'll be so sore in the next few days. We finally got all of the stuff and furniture out of Rick's old house, but we have no room until we get a bigger house, so to the shop it went. Except for about 15 bags trash bags full of clothes and toys that I have to go through. Our next yard sale will be a big one.

Rick is not happy, because the kids room in his office now looks like a storage shed. But, better there than in our house. We already have 9 people crammed into 3 bedrooms. I'll be SO happy when we get a bigger place.

We had someone come to the house from hospice that Duke recommended. She came to talk to the kids about dealing with andrew's illness. It was not very productive, because they have been dealing with this for 2.5 years. This would have been really good in the very beginning, when Rick and Andrew were in the hospital, and the girls came to live with me and my kids. At that time the kids needed someone to talk to, to cry to, probably to scream at. Now, not so much. Now they are used to this chaos that we call life. But, since switching to Duke, we are taking advantage of everything that they offer.

We still go up to Duke Wed. for Andrew's neuro-psyc. app. This app. takes 4-5 hours, so we will be spending the night up there. Kyley will be coming with us this time, it's the day after the spelling bee.

I can't believe that I have to go back to work tomorrow, with 15 trash bags in my living room, and not having accomplished what I wanted to this weekend.

I did get Kyley's room done on Sat. though. when she won her school spelling bee, we rewarded her with a room make-over, which is a loft bed that we built the weekend after the bee. I hung curtains and built a shelf for her stuff and TV the following weekend, and I now finished the bottom, with an office area and a dressing area. It is so pretty. She now has the best room (well, half a room) in the house. She also has much desired privacy. Now all the kids want curtains on their bunk-beds. Maybe next weekend...

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