Wednesday, May 28, 2008

You call this a Vacation?

Written 4/11/08

Sorry about the late post, but this is Spring Break week for the kids. Also, because I work in the school system, myself. I did go to the shop to finish some tax stuff before we sent it off to our accountant, but besides that, home. in the house. with the kids. all week. For the last 7 days, we have hosted the neighborhood. Sat. and Sun.=10 kids, Mon.-Wed.=8, Thur.=9, tonight 11? 12? That includes getting rid of 2 of our own one night and 1 last night. So, needless to say, I haven't had the time to post. Unfortunately, it has been cold or raining most of the week. Cold. Or raining. In the hot, dry south. Of course it was, since it is our VACATION!

The two days that it was beautiful, included 2 different parks, a hike, and countless hours on the 4-wheelers. Yes, we have 4-wheelers. (We are red-necks you know)

Make-A-Wish came out on Fri. Andrew ended up wishing for Disney, which is SO exciting. They informed us though that if we wanted to stay at Give Kids The World, we needed to wait until July or Aug. If we wanted to leave before then, we could stay in a Disney resort. Does anyone have an opinion on this? Any comments would be appreciated, especially people who have experienced GKTW.

Rainia still has fluid in her ears, and we go back on the 21st for the final decision of whether or not to put tubes in her ears. They are pretty sure of yes, but they don't want to make a rash decision before making absolutely sure that the fluid isn't related to her upper respiratory/ear infection. I am sure that she needs the tubes though, because I feel that she has had the hearing loss for quite some time. I am also going to have Joshua evaluated, because he doesn't speak english. at 5 years old. I think this is related to hearing loss as well.

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