Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Written 3/28/08

Just a quick update-
Make-A-Wish has rescheduled, they are coming next Fri. Andrew asked Rick if he had a golf cart could he ride it any time he wanted. Rick explained that golf carts could not be driven on the street, and that it would be dangerous with so many kids to drive one around the yard. At this point, we have NO IDEA what Andrew is going to say when they come out to interview him.

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The Secretary said...

When did you decide to go? Andrew will have a blast! And Hey, if you think of it, check out Discovery Cove which is across from SeaWorld. We had the best time EVER this past April!!! Seriously, it's like $200 for the day but food is included and it's less crowded. You would spend that at Disney for one day easily. Totally Fab :)