Monday, November 10, 2008


So Iv'e been tagged by Alissa to share 6 random things about myself. I will try to get creative here and name things that most of you don't know.

1. I went to Spain for a month when I was 14. It was where I experienced my first (and last, though I'm not opposed) trip to a nude beach.

2. I am WAY too lazy to wash my face every night. I use the Walmart brand facial cleanser wipes.

3. I have been smoking for 17 years. I tried to quit when I was 29. My plan was to save the money I spent for cigarettes to go toward a boob job for my 30th birthday. I am now 31, and still no boobs.

4. I love, love, love MoTown music. It is definately my favorite Genre. Though I love lots of every kind of music.

5. I blame my uummm...lack of house-keeping skills on creativity.

6. My little brother was acquited of murder in the 1st degree. It was the hardest thing I've ever been through. The trial only lasted 4 days, but the 20 months leading up to the trial, and the trial itself have given me a case of PTSD. (Self-diagnosed)

Hhhhmmm...Most people I know in the blogosphere have been tagged. I hereby tag Kristine


Mama to a diva said...

I remember your trip to Spain! I missed you tons! I remember being at your house watching your little bro, wishing you were there or I was in Spain with you!

Kristine said...

Wow, you know how to drop a bomb don't you. Thank goodness it was only 20 minutes, but have been a great defense case and the hardest twenty minutes of your life. Jeez. Spain must have been amazing, I love to travel and miss it.
Thanks for the tag, aww, it's my first:-)

doodlebelle said...

Uummm...Kristine? 20 MONTHS! lol. But the verdict only took 3 hours. And that was really fast. We were prepared to be there over night. Yup. I have an exciting life.