Thursday, November 6, 2008

Wizard of Oz Wedding

Plus Harley, and Halloween.

I am so pissed. Someone (one of the 7 dwarfs) dropped my camera, and the battery cover was loose, and I lost the battery. I need to special-order one on e-bay, but the timing couldn't be worse. I have no pics of halloween with the kids, and I have no pics of the WOZ wedding. DAMN!!!! I have had to rely on the couple of pics taken with the phone, and the pics taken by the Groom's sister, which she graciously uploaded to Kodak. When Kelly uploads her pics, we will have some more to share. Here we go...

Dorothy, Me, and the Wicked Witch:

The Ceremony:

Notice the Scarecrow (Kelly's Son):

Notice the Cowardly Lion (John's Son):

Kelly and her son Alex:

Right before they rode off into the sunset:

The Reception:

Harley Cake (Ride off into the Sunset):

Kelly's Dad is "The Father":

And the party starts:

Dorothy and the Groom:

Notice the Breathalizer, this will come up later:

Dorothy wasn't sure how to take a breathalizer test, so the harley bride showed her how. This was followed by the Father of the Bride exclaming "That's my girl!"

More to come as soon as I get some more pics...

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Mama to a diva said...

Weird, wild, and wonderful! Great pictures, Kelly is such a beautiful Harley Bride!