Monday, November 24, 2008

Guest Post by Rick

I thought I would write this guest blog post tonight because my darling fiance is under the weather, along with 5 of our children. (Help me make it through the night)

I may be a little bit biased but I think I have an incredible woman, not only is she beautiful and intelligent, she can handle a household of 9 people, find time to write her blogs, and help me in the office. She can also make time for her friends whether it be giving them advice on their relationship problems or helping them plan their wedding. I think I am a lucky man, and can't wait for this woman to be my wife.


Mama to a diva said...

Great post Rick! I happen to think your fiance is pretty amazing too! I am so glad to have reconnected with her, and whenever I get stressed out dealing with our little family of 3, I think of all she does. I hope she and the kids are feeling better soon! And good luck to you!

Kristine said...

Seems to me you are both lucky people to have found eachother and to mesh your families into one great one. Congrats and best wishes.