Thursday, November 20, 2008

So Frustrated

Dear Science Teacher,

Please stop telling my kid how much the country is in trouble now the Obama is president. Also don't tell her again how sick and disgusting gay marriage is. Also, Please stop telling her that the government has bigger things to worry about than the environment, and that it is stupid to be concerned with such ridiculousness. Also, you are a SCIENCE teacher. Did you have to tell her that evolution isn't true, and is just a ridiculous theory? I am getting ready to e-mail the principal.


Mama to a diva said...

Outrageous! Email the principal already! Or just pack up the family, the business, your whole entire lives, and come live back in Vermont!!!!

Kristine said...

Huh? I'm not even sure what to say to the the crazy teacher except that she should teach and keep her offensive opinions to herself. Is it possible that she transfer classes to a different teacher? How is she supposed to tell the difference between what she needs to learn and what is just the teacher spewing garbage?

doodlebelle said...

Thus is the South. Now you understand. I live in the bible belt. I would love to transfer Kyley to another class, but she is in the gifted program. Yes, this is the gifted teacher.

Fortunately, my daughter is in the gifted program for a reason, and has a good understanding that what she is hearing is religious propoganda. She wears her Obama shirt to school proudly. She also gets pissed off, at the teacher, which strangely delights me.

I wish these people would see how the rest of the country lives. Although I am sure there are people elsewhere that feel the exact same way, I guess I am just not used to it, growing up in a VERY liberal state.

There is a reason though, that there is a LEGAL seperation of church and state. The teacher (a man) is breaking the law by trying to push his conservative agenda on my kid.

The Secretary said...

Oh My God - he actually said evolution ISN'T TRUE???!!!! You need to switch schools. Your children are not getting a proper education with this person teaching them this crap. This teacher is NOT gifted, but trying to teach YOUR children bigotry and intolerance for others. Please don't stand for that. We have enough assholes in the world.