Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Tonight is the night I've dreamed about my whole life. We got home at 9:00pm. Which is bed time for the younger ones, and reading time for the older ones. After our impromtu date, which NEVER happens, In which I ate at my FAVORITE restaurant. We arrived at exactly the right moment to have to rush around getting bedtime done. The first thing I noticed when I walked in the door was that sound. The sound of the dishwasher running. YES!!! The next thing I noticed was the other sound. The sound besides the dishwasher. The sound of nothingness, silence. What is this strange sound? This strange, beautiful sound. I quickly ran to find my kids, wondering why my Mom hadn't called me when they were kidnapped. (I only wondered that silly question for a quick-second though. I mean seriously, if she had to chose between calling to tell me that they were kidnapped, or just enjoying the silence as long as she could, who would blame her? And she's only next door in case of emergency. The older ones are actually in-charge while we are out)

Then I saw him. Josh was asleep on the couch, his beautiful, normally very loud mouth completely shut. I ran into the boys room. Nothing. I peeped through to Kyley's room. She was reading. I asked her if her homework was done. "Yes." Oh beautiful, beautiful sounds tonight. I then entered the girls' room where OH MY!!! BEHOLD!! WHAT IS THIS I SEE? They too were reading. Without being told. Well, Rainia and Brittney anyway. Brooke was already asleep on her top bunk. "Where is Jakey?" I ask, almost afraid to know the answer, The noisiest, trouble-starting, terror of the house. The girls giggle. "Well, where is he?" I ask. Brittney points up, to Brooke's top bunk. I slowly walk over, and to my amazement, there he is! Beautifully, quietly asleep. curled up on the inside, closest to the wall.

DAMN!!!! I will have to finish this post later. Jake just walked in to inform me that he woke up. SHIT!

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