Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Rain

My dearest Rainia,

This post is coming a little late, because after your birthday, we all immediately got sick, and have been in bed until today. By all of us, I mean everyone except for Rick, Brooke, and Andrew.

My sweet, sweet girl,

You turned 10 years old this year. TEN!!! I cannot believe how the time has flown. You had a growth-sput this year, and are no longer the shortest kid in your class. (You are the 2nd shortest) You take a girl's sz. 8 in clothes, and you LOVE to wear dresses and skirts. Every year you have asked me to cut your hair short (somewhere in between your chin and ears) except for this year. You asked that it grow-out until the wedding. You like for me to curl your hair, and were so excited when I recently put subtle highlights in it. At 10 years old, you love HighSchool Musical. Your favorite character is Corbin Bleu's character. You have poster's of him in your room:

Your room is also plastered with posters of Chris Brown and the Jonas Brothers:

You love to play internet games on your computer, and also love your myspace page. You are extremely creative, you love drawing, painting, crafting, and making amazing things out of nothing with Brittney. As an example, the two of you recently made a new outfit for every Bratz doll you own out of toilet paper. But your favorite toys at 10 years old, are your Bratz, and your Baby Alive dolls:

Your favorite food is spagetti, and you say that you don't like cheese, although you love to dump it on your spagetti in the form of parmesan. You also don't like mashed potatos (What is wrong with you girl?) Your favorite color is, and has been for as long as I can remember, red. You love your cheerleading lessons with Brooke, and you love music and dancing. Your favorite song is "Say Goodbye" by Chris Brown. You love your cat, Pheonix.

You do well in school, not just academically, but you are also helpful. So much so that you were recently awarded the "citizen of the month" award.

You don't really enjoy reading though, you would much rather watch Disney Channel. Your best friend is Jazmynn, and she has been since you were both in kindergarten. You have a sleep-over with her at her house or ours almost every weekend. Your true soulmate though, is Brooke, and the two of you often disappear together. You can be found on the trampoline, not jumping, but laying together looking up at the clouds talking for hours. Or in our woods, taking pictures of each other, and building forts.

You are such a bubbly, energetic, happy, loving member of this household. When you get in trouble, it is for telling people what to do. Your nickname is Lil Mama, because you just can't help yourself, you HAVE to put your 2 cents into everything. You need to tell everyone what they should be doing, including Rick and Myself. If we take too long at the store, or if we need to go somewhere for the business, etc. We know that you will be the only one calling us from your Grandma's house to find out what we are doing, when we will be home, and do not forget (insert what we should not forget here.) You love to keep track of everything on the family calendar, which is filled with your handwriting, writing down everone's appointments. Yes, those are your X's and hanwriting all over that thing.

You are so energetic, that when you talk, you bounce up and down, and my head follows your movement, so I am constantly nodding my head up and down while you are talking to me. (This must look hysterical.) You are always being told to sit down at the dinner table, because even while eating, you have so much energy that you would rather be standing. And then, after dinner, you spin, or practice your handstands in the living room. It is a normal occurance for me to tell you that I am getting dizzy watching you when we are in the same room. When we go to the store together, I hold your hand, and spin you around while we walk, because this is the best way to keep you entertained and keep you to stay with me. Internal dialogue: As I am writing this, I am realizing that this girl needs to be tested for ADHD. I have often thought this before, but it does not interfere at school or with her bahavior.

You are beautiful, and so sweet, and your smile and laughter brighten the hearts of anyone who meets you. I adore you RainGirl, and cannot believe that you are already 10.

Happy Birthday Baby! We love you more than words can say!


Mama to a diva said...

What a beautiful post! Happy (Belated) Birthday Rainia!

The Secretary said...

So many birthdays in so little time! Happy Birthday little Rainia. Boy time does pass so quickly, it's so hard to believe she is already 10. I remember it seemed just yesterday you were changing her diapers (sorry Rainia!). Hope you had an excellent birthday!