Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Definition of accident

An actual conversation that happened tonight at the dinner table:

Jake: Ooooh!!! These new cups are cute.

Rainia: Are these glass or plastic?

Kyley: They have to be plastic. I highly doubt that they would buy glass to replace all of the glasses we have been breaking.

Josh: Maybe I will accidentally drop one when I get up to put it in the sink, and then we will know if it's glass or plastic.

Rick: (joking people) Maybe I will accidentally bring you in the kitchen and accidentally spank your butt.

Me: Yeah, Josh, if you plan out dropping the cup, it wouldn't be an accident, it would be on purpose.

Josh: NO! I PROMISE it will be an accident!

Hhhhmmmm...Here I thought I was doing a good job by never disciplining an accident. Like the time Jake broke one of Rick's special Japanese Saki cups. Or the time Josh dropped Andrew's laptop...Is there a definition of accident that I didn't know about?

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